The thong is strong on this one

What we have with Polaris Spanner from DC's "Spanner's Galaxy" is a fundamentally decent costume horribly betrayed by one small but crucial element:


Although I hesitate to say it considering the location of the area in question, this is definitely a case of a small thing making a huge difference. I am talking, of course, about his crotch, which for some reason is bound to the open-flap tunic top like some kind of cosmic onesie. The urge to check underneath that thing for quick-release snaps is almost irresistible, and may in fact be why he was the most-hunted criminal in the galaxy. They took their fashion seriously back then, folks.

The other elements are mostly blah (with the exception of that white-fur collar which ought to be illegal in any century), but that simple decision to continue the tunic down to his hoo-hoo just ruins the entire thing. The headband transforms from a semi-neato sci-fi doodad to a hippie doofus accessory, the boots look like he's smuggling baby hippos, and let's not even get started with the bizarre galactic howler monkey.

Just remember kids, when it comes to fashion, particularly in your nether regions, just say "no" if any seamstress asks you if you want to span anything. Maybe if Polaris Spanner had learned that lesson, he'd be a free man today. Or at least, not in a canceled book.

(Image and character © DC Comics, Inc.)