Hammerknight Recipe 7: Poses

(Many thanks to artisan Hammerknight for sharing his techniques for some of the crazy poses he's able to put together! Click on any image to get the original full-sized version. Feel free to ask questions, make observations, or just spout off about whatever in the comments.)


11 Responses to Hammerknight Recipe 7: Poses

  1. darkvatican says:

    I like the “cover piece” for this set of recipes, HK.

  2. Eric says:

    Nice poses HK. I like the super soldier punch one.

  3. Isia says:

    these give me some more ideas for character poses. thanks for your recipes. great job

  4. Chase says:

    Hey Jeff do you think you could do one of each kind of contest each week, like you could do caption and HK could do character’s

    and just keep alternating

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    Chase, that’s more work than I am willing to do on the contest front, sorry. One a week, alternating between character creation and captions, at least for now seems to be the balance most people want.

  6. Hammerknight says:

    Chase if you what more to do with Hero Machine come and join the forums.

  7. Whit says:

    The poses look cool, but…

    They’re really not for me. I’m much more interested in costume design than I am in creating something that looks like it comes straight from a comic book. If I do scrunched-up, hunched-over poses, then I can’t show off the kind of detail I want in my costume designs.

    But I think that’s actually what’s so cool about HeroMachine–it can serve a lot of different purposes for a lot of different people.

    In fact, I have a very interesting project on the burner. I’m going to use HM to design a costume that a seamster is then going to make into reality. It’s part of this online arts collaborative I’m in.

  8. Chase says:

    @Jeff I understand no problem

    @HK nice pose’s

  9. Hammerknight says:

    Let me know what you all want for next week. More poses or something else.

  10. Chase says:

    I would like a modern weapon HK if you could make that out of items