META: Running late

Guys, I've been out of pocket all day, we got a nasty bug here with our dogs and I've been spraying our back yard with ammonia to try and kill it. In 104 degree Texas heat. I'm just blasted, and I still have quite a bit to do. So I will be posting both the results from the last contest and the new one, but not for a couple of hours yet at least. Before midnight, though!

In the meantime, cast your vote for whether you want a caption contest for old times' sake, or a new character design one. If the latter, would you want a "Nineties Image Character" theme (make a character who might have been published enthusiastically by the 1990's era Image line -- thigh pouches, names with "War" or "Blood" get bonus points) or a "Self Portrait" contest where you'd put your HM self portrait up side-by-side with an actual photo of yourself.

I'll count em up when I finally get done with the emergency animal spore patrol and go with that one.

Thanks for your patience! I wish I were more regular about this, too, waiting til this late at night blows.