Character Contest 12: The Image Nineties

A certain style of character became hugely popular during the early 1990's, and while it quickly spread to all corners of the comic book universe (driving a college-aged Jeff from reading them altogether), "Image" was definitely the heart and soul of the new standards in super-hero design. Your challenge for this week is to come up with a character that best represents the kind of thing Image would have enthusiastically printed during that decade, something the really symbolizes what the whole thing was really about.

You know, thigh pouches.

Now now, that's not fair. There were also arm pouches, belt pouches, chest pouches, headband pouches, and ginormous guns. Giant claws dripping blood and/or ichor. Ridonkulous hair flying every which-way. Musculature usually only found in body-building magazines and medical journals under "Freak". Characters who all have "Blood" or "War" or "Death" or, even better, all three in their name. That sort of thing.

The person who turns in the character most in tune with that ideal will win either a caricature of their head or any one item of their choice to be included in the final version of HeroMachine 3. Either way, you get to be immortalized!

Good luck everyone, I have to say I am almost giddy with excitement to see what you come up with.