HM3: Settings

I'm going to be moving on to various background or setting elements tomorrow, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments here. I'm talking about various props such as chairs, tables, flooring, background walls, doors, fields of lava, that kind of thing, items that would surround your character and make it look as if there is an actual scene taking place. One such set will probably be word balloons, for instance.

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  1. Scorcher says:

    How about like a room on fire or just a bunch of fire backgrounds.

  2. Timespike says:

    Splatter on the walls. Could be mud, blood, oil, or paint depending on the character.

    The deck of an aircraft carrier.

    A bunch of Graffiti designs. (Let people use the rotate and resize tools to position as desired and also make a multicolored wall of graffiti)

    The inside of a military helicopter and/or cargo plane.

    The top of a tall building

    A waiting room

    A cubicle farm

    An old-timey private library circa 1700-1800 or so (perfect for wizards and scholarly characters)

  3. Hammerknight says:

    Sky scrapper and other buildings for the fly boys. Trees would also be nice.

  4. Hammerknight says:

    Coffins and other ghostly Halloween type of stuff.

  5. Hakoon1 says:

    A background wall with an explosion hole in it.

  6. RSC5 says:

    Awesome! I figure everyone else is going to be giving you more fantastical recommendations, but I’m rather reality based in my developing.

    Now, onto Mad Science! A victim strapped to a flat table for background, or said table tilted forward so that one may create a character strapped to it, questionable puddles and blood splatters of varying design, a workbench, a liquid and bubble filled jar we can put heads in, random beakers and vials as you see fit. (Scattered papers and some surgical tools like a nasty drill, scalpels, and a hypodermic needle would be appreciated.)

    That library Timespike said above would be fantastic. Just a shelf of old-looking books to work with would be great, if not. (Perhaps an orderly shelf and a more randomly placed mismatched shelf for variety?) Any foliage that strikes your fancy, especially grass and trees. Roses! Like maybe that go up a trellis, but without that. A large Venus Flytrap would be cool too.

    Maybe a saloon, bar, or tavern with some bottle and glass options. A grand piano and a violin with bow. A full ashtray. Quill pen. Arctic ice flow, with obligatory chunks of ice. Stair landing, with carved railing. A country porch, a city storefront, a bowl of fruit, and an elegant four-poster bed. Oh, and a trashcan!

    A Victorian parlor would be quite nice to have. Or the mix and matches to accomplish. Like an ornate fireplace, small table set for tea or coffee, Persian rug on hardwood floor, high windows with elaborate curtains, antique globe on a stand. Here’s some seating:×300.jpg

    …Some pre-made wood pieces would be welcome too. Patterning is absolute poison to my computer.

  7. Isia says:

    A castle in the distance, or castle wall with drawbridge opening.

  8. Anarchangel says:

    A street with cars passing into the distance.
    I’d also like a sort of blurred background for my speedster character if you can pull that off. πŸ™‚

  9. Danny Beaty says:

    An old style torture chamber.
    A “Saw”/”Hostel” style of torture chamber.
    An old, spooky graveyard.
    A gallows.
    A Frankenstein-type of lab.
    A modern day lab.
    A workshop.
    A church.
    A house like the place Norman Bates dwelled in “Psycho”.
    A cave.
    A tabletop (good for characters that can shrink).
    A computer room.
    An inner city back alley (complete with unconscious wino).
    A birthday party.
    A rave.
    A bar (a real dive).
    An underground parking lot.
    The inside of a rat-infested abandoned building.
    An old,run-down barn.
    A tornado.
    The ocean floor.
    A jungle.
    A scientifically advanced futuristic city.
    A dystopian city.
    A pool hall.
    A brothel (both old and new would be nice).
    An old western saloon.
    A crater from a meteor impact.
    Arsenals (modern day, various times in history, etc).
    Pyramids (Egyptian and South American, inside and out).
    A museum.
    A drive-in theater.
    A walk-in theater.
    A drive-in restaraunt.
    A meat locker.
    Theater stages (old and new).
    A circus.
    A carnival.
    A shooting gallery.
    A morgue.
    A police line-up.
    A jail cell.
    The inside of a prison.
    Battlefields (WW1&2, Napoleonic, Revolutionary, Civil War, Vietnam, etc.).
    Various weather conditions (snow,rain, etc.).
    Military bases from various wars.
    A terrorist camp.
    A giant dartboard (complete with giant darts).
    A basement.
    A bomb shelter.
    A mouse trap.
    A black hole/time vortex thingy.
    The mouth of a Lovecraftian type of leviathan.
    A doctor’s examination room.
    A space station.
    A launch pad.
    Inside the blood stream.
    A man-made tunnel.
    A magician’s prop room.
    A greenhouse.
    A field of solar energy collectors.
    A gothic castle.
    An exploding planet.
    Restless, hungry souls of the dead.
    Groups of various animals hunting (wolves, vampire bats, men with tracking dogs, etc.).
    A burning skyscrapper.
    A “Cool Hand Luke” type of chain gang.
    Various sports fields (baseball diamond, football field, etc.).
    A luxury hotel.
    A fleabag motel.

  10. Danny Beaty says:


  11. Danny Beaty says:

    A riot.

  12. Anarchangel says:

    @Danny If Jeff tried to make all of those he’d never get finished lol
    Some very nice ideas though. I like…well pretty much all of them actually.

  13. Whit says:

    I’m weird. I *like* what I’ve been doing–just a gradient background and a name. It looks more like a trading card, which is the look I like. So it’s not going to get me as many Finalist nods. I don’t care; I like what I’m doing. πŸ™‚

  14. RSC5 says:

    I actually really think most of Danny’s ideas are pretty good, too. Some of them are vague enough to be accomplished by putting pieces together ourselves, but the others would be neat to have pre-made. Especially the police line up background. We can make rogue gallery mugshots with that!

  15. J says:

    An underwater scene. On that subject if you get the time could you put in a shark companion and a shark tail in the tail section to go with the two shark heads? The shark companion could also help with the underwater scenes.

    A swamp or bog could work too.

  16. Gregg H says:

    A cityscape, but from above at an angle for a flying character’s background
    A grungy street scene, maybe an alley with trash

  17. J3000 says:

    old wild west.

  18. Anarchangel says:

    J actually reminded me of something so I’ll ask here before I forget again. Any chance of adding a panda companion?

  19. Hakoon1 says:

    Could we get a rock concert with maybe a band there?

  20. The Imp says:

    Danny said pretty much everything I would’ve suggested. πŸ˜€

    I’m kind of like Whit; I like just the circle gradient background, as I’m sure you’ve noticed (:D), but backgrounds would be awesome too.

  21. Danny Beaty says:

    @RSC5 and Anarchangel: Thanks for the kind words.

  22. Hakoon1 says:

    Seriously Imp? You like the circle gradient background? I hadn’t noticed…:P

  23. neon_n64 says:

    Background maker !!

    Similar to what you did with the weapons, separate the backgrounds into small pieces.

    That way it would be easier for us to make our own backgrounds. And we could use lots of colors. One thing that always bothered me in HM2.5 was that we could use only two colors for each background.

    For example:

    I’d like to have a blue sky, red flags, gray walls and a brown ground. But it’s impossible because I can use only 2 colors (in this case blue and brown).

    Maybe you could separate the walls like this:

    And have many different elements to create backgrounds (different phases of the moon, the sun, a couple of different clouds, some mountains with and without snow, trees, bushes, some floors and paths, walls, doors windows, buildings, towers, etc…

    This way each item can have 2 colors. A background made with 5 items could have up to 10 colors (plus the line colors).

    There have been some really impressive backgrounds in the contests. By having separated backgrounds items, it would be way easier to create that kind of stuff (and even crazier things).

    Well… those were my two cents πŸ™‚

  24. JR says:

    i agree with imp. and i think most* of dannys reqeusts should be implemented- *as much as possible.

  25. Matt says:

    What about a volcano?

  26. Matt says:

    Jeff, would you be including better (I know it’s hard) versions of the settings that you used in Heromachine 2.*

  27. Mon says:

    A sky with clouds, for flying characters.

  28. Solander says:

    Here’s some suggestions:

    1. Science lab set:

    – Microscope:

    – Advanced super computer:

    – Animal cage:

    – Blender:

    – Calculator:

    – Centrifuge:

    – Burner:

    – Lamp:

    – Magnifying glass:

    – Human anatomy model:

    – Lab container:

    – Lab glassware:

    – Lab plasticware:

    – Scale:

    – Lab furniture:

    – Skeleton cabinet:

    – Pipettes:

    – Tweezers:

    – Test tubes:

    – Periodic table:

    2. Torture chamber set:

    – Breaking wheel:

    – Electroshock weapon:

    – Iron maiden:


    – Judas chair:

    – Branding iron:

    – Knife rack:

    – Torture tools:

    – Manacles:

    – Torture chair:

    – Cage:

    – Prison door:

    – Barred window:

    – Foot press:

    3. Battlefield set:

    – Cannon:

    – Tank:

    – Fox hole:

    – Mortar:

    – Gatling gun:

    – Fighter jet:

    – Attack chopper:

    – Jeep:

    – Bomber:

    – Bomb:

    – Gun turret:

    – Gun ship:

    – Submarine:

    – Hangar ship:

    – Sand bags:

    – Bayonet:

    – Ruins:

    – Medic tent:

    – Field radio:

    – Mine field:

    – Barbed wire fence:×450.jpg


    – Napalm:

    – Mushroom cloud:

    – Missiles:

  29. Jeff Hebert says:

    Man, some good ideas here. As much as possible I want to break things into pieces so you can a) mix and match and b) you can get a setting that’s more than two (three now with lines) colors. That was a big problem with the 2.x settings, you couldn’t color enough to make them look even vaguely normal.

    And yes, anything I include will hopefully be better, although I do recall liking that one interior D&D style tavern a lot. That was a ton of work and I am still pretty happy with the way it looks.

    This is going to take a while …

  30. RSC5 says:

    Jeff, should I have included pictures again for other stuff? I was in a hurry earlier, but want to help as much as possible. Google image search fu gives me something to do with my time and Solander’s suggestions reminded me how I didn’t…I feel like if I’m going to goof off, I might as well save you some source picture finding trouble.

  31. Solander says:

    Suggestions continues:

    4. Natural disaster:

    – Tornado:

    – Lightning storm:

    – Tsunami:

    – Earthquake:

    – Blizzard:

    – Monsun:

    – Flood:

    – Forest fire:

    – Volcano:

    – Avalanche:

    – Geyser:

    – Landslide:

    – Drought:

    – Hailstorm:

    – Heat wave:

    – Hurricane:

    – Epidemic:

    – Meteor impact:

    5. Magicians’ prop room:

    – Magic wand

    – Growing glove:

    – Magician’s rope:

    – Deck of cards:

    – Change tube:

    – Top hat:

    – Rabbit:

    – White dove:*1RK*jP8AmyDAU3EuZTYPUuTHZYVigSO/White_Dove_In_Flight__976408.jpg

    – Silk items:


    – Pro line table

    – Saw box:

    – Flower:

    – Egg:

    – Match box:

    – Coin:

    – Cage:

    – Magic ring:

    – Crystal ball:

  32. Jeff Hebert says:

    RJ I’ve got plenty to go with for now, so no worries.

  33. Solander says:

    And yet some more:

    6. Graveyard:

    – Old, battered tombstone:

    – Tombstone:


    – Open grave:

    – Wreath:

    – Graves:

    – Cross:


    – Shovel:

    – Hand grave:

    – Ghost:

    – Bone pile:

    – Bat swarm:

    – Crypt:

    – Tomb:

    – Cemetery gates:

    – Full moon:

    -Grave lamp:

    – Mummy:


    – Sarcophagus:

    – Dead tree:

    – Fog:

    – Vultures:

    – Coffin:

    – Angel statue:

    – Cemetery fence:

    – Church:

    – Black clouds:

  34. Solander says:

    Just some word and thought balloons I stumbled across in my search:

  35. RSC5 says:

    Kay. As long as I get a hypodermic and tea set one day. Then no worries. πŸ™‚

  36. david says:

    Two words. Mushroom cloud.

  37. Eric says:

    I’d like to see some sand dunes.

  38. Eric says:

    Oh, and a throne! And maybe a throne with bones on it…

  39. Danny Beaty says:

    @david: I second your mushroom cloud. That would rule!

  40. William A. Peterson says:

    A lot of good suggestions, already…
    The “Gun ship” {Battleship} pictured is nice, but I think a close-up, of standing on the deck, alongside the (really BIG) turrets would be cooler!
    The “Gun Turret” is a good idea, too, but a quad Bofors might be better (40mm Anti-aircraft gun mount).
    Oh, and version 2.5 already HAS Underwater/ Atlantis backgrounds… {Sketched, not photographic, I’ll admit, but I’ve used them before}

  41. Danny Beaty says:

    @William A. Peterson: When I suggested Atlantis, I should have specified Atlantis before the fall. In my mind, I can see large buildings (Egyptian pyramids meet Frank Loyd Wright meet the Twin Towers) and, of course, in the background would be the ginormous power crystal Edgar Cayce talked about.

  42. Jeff Hebert says:

    The thing you guys need to remember is just that the setting has to be something the figure looks like it’d be standing in, on, or in front of from the proper perspective, which limits things somewhat.

  43. marx says:

    Just a reminder about the tree stump I had mentioned earlier. Here’s good line art of an interesting one, although you should probably make the top more level.

  44. Meg says:

    How about a really cool throne, like this one:
    or this one for our queens:

    (don’t laugh at me) πŸ˜€

  45. Socrates says:

    This is a picture of mine that could potentially be used as reference for a background, it’s the office/study of Captain Thorn, who you might remember from one of the past contests. I give you full permission to copy it as you wish. Also, I’d like to see some sort of ruined temple, also a “gold pit” type place, like the sort you’d see Uncle Scrooge McDuck in.

  46. Tim says:

    Wow incredible suggestions everyone! I think you all covered any of my suggestions πŸ˜€

    Personally I’m looking more forward to:

    – Tattoos (Both facial and body)
    – More Weapons
    – More Headgear
    – Bits and Pieces (Scars, Open wounds, etc.)
    – Jewelry and similar items
    – Females (Far down the road lol.)

    Just to name a few πŸ˜‰

  47. RJ mcd says:

    jeff said*RJ I’ve got plenty to go with for now, so no worries * Jeff old friend i’m over here getting my revenge on people i mean ahem folding socks so i’m not worried or should i be?

  48. Eric says:

    -metropolitan cityscape
    -outer space
    -bridge of a spaceship
    -a JLA/Avenger like headquarters
    -weapons room/trophy room
    -room full of various costumes/armor

  49. Biffbiffley says:

    I’m loving the alpha here, but there is one thing I woudl like. well two, but only one goes under this catagory..:)

    I would like some sort of badground that indicates where the close up pictures and such take the picture.. I accidently made a very complicated figure too low for a good closeup.. πŸ™

    Other than that I’m loving it.

  50. Jeff Hebert says:

    @BiffBiffley (#60): The next time that happens, just go to the Transform tab and choose the “All Items” radio button. Then use the arrow buttons over on the right to move your figure around to where you want it.

  51. kryptkal says:

    This isn’t a settings suggestion, I just wanted to make sure that there were more boots coming in the future. Specifically, the knee-high suit of armor boots that were in the hm 2.5; they are essential to a number of my characters.

    On that note, I think more knee-high boots and knee guards/plating would be a good idea.

  52. rodney says:

    How about some jackets. Cann’t even make a gangster.

    And some actual weapons, instead of future or ancient.