Character Contest 8: YOUR character!

Your challenge for this week is to make an illustration of a character you either currently play, or have played in the past, in an RPG of some sort. It could be a guy from a computer shooter, or a classic D&D campaign, or a current online super-hero PBeM, or anything like that. Obviously I don't have any way of verifying that yes, this is a character you really played, so we're just going to have to go on the honor system here.

In your post, please put the game the character was played in, their name, and a brief little bit about who they were, or why you made them, or your favorite recollection of them, or anything else that will give us a little flavor of why you like the character enough to remember them now. The other rules are simple:

  1. Entries must be left as comments to this post;
  2. Each comment must have a link to an image hosted online someplace where I can get to it without having to register ( forums are fine, or PhotoBucket, ImageShack, whatever);
  3. You must use some version of HeroMachine for the image (preferably 3.0 Alpha) -- no PhotoShopping except for basic cropping;
  4. The character cannot have been entered in a contest before.

The winner as always will get to choose either to request one item, or a caricature of their head, to be included with HeroMachine 3. Good luck everyone!