HM3: I will Brooke no Shields before their time

I've just uploaded the "ItemRightShields" set to the HeroMachine 3 Alpha for your protection. I am sure you will find something insane and creative to do with these beyond using them as a blocking device, of course. Here's a quick shot of the non-standard ones:


After these are four sets of twelve matched shields in four different shapes. Each shape has the same set of twelve patterns for it, following Mark's example in the 2.5 Expansion -- shiny, vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, chevron, four quadrants, bordered, middle stripe vertical, middle stripe horizontal, middle stripe diagonal, cross, and diagonal quadrants. Hopefully that will give you all the variety you'll need to make that perfect Knight (do I smell a contest for that?!).

Let me know in the comments if you find any bugs with this new set.

I'll be moving on to Neckwear this weekend, after nailing down any problems with that last bunch, so by all means make any requests for specific items in that slot you'd want to see. As usual, I'll be converting over all the 2.x stuff for that slot, so you can skip those suggestions.

I've said this in comments before, but it's probably a good idea to lay out here explicitly as well. Your best shot at getting a specific item request into the program is to leave it in the comments to the post where I ask for them, ideally with a link to an image on the web somewhere of what you're talking about. If I'm looking for shield ideas, it's pretty much a waste of time for you to post a request for a helmet, because by the time I get back around to Headgear I'm going to forget what you said. Damien might make some difference on that score, but still, your best shot is to give me a link to what you want at the time I'm actually working on that slot.

Thanks as always for your suggestions in the past and I look forward to more great ones to come! Hope you like the shields, too.

39 Responses to HM3: I will Brooke no Shields before their time

  1. Hammerknight says:

    They look good Jeff but for some reason I’m still not able to pull up the new weapons you added the other day. I try clearing out cookies and everything I can thiank of. So far no go.

  2. Hammerknight says:

    I do have the shields.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    You mean the Ranged ones? Or the new addition to BladesTwo that I added for the contest winners? Anyone else having a problem with that?

    I can’t imagine why you’d be able to get the new stuff but not the new weapons Hammerknight. Are you sure you’re looking in ItemRightBladesTwo for them?

  4. Whit says:

    Wow, this is just BEGGING for a Create-Your-Own-Coat-Of-Arms mini. I’ve looked online in the past (when I did political roleplay) for something like that and have never found it.

  5. Hammerknight says:

    I’m looking in the right place item right blade two. Isia had them on her computer but I still don’t.

  6. Cailean says:

    whats next Jeff

  7. neon_n64 says:

    Well, I think these would be a good addition to the shields category

    1) A shield with blades around it (from Mortal Combat The Movie):

    2) Sci-Fi Shield (From Evangelion):

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Cailean: I cleverly hid a clue as to which items are next in my post. It’s somewhere in the sentence “I’ll be moving on to Neckwear this weekend…”


  9. Solander says:

    Nice shields Jeff. Any chance some of these might make it into the program? I’ve sorted through a bunch of different types of shield, and think I’ve managed to sort out the ones that both look really awesome and cool:

    -Light shields:


    Spiked glove shield:

    Cross shield:

    Golden buckler:

    Stiletto shield:

    Skull shield:

    – Heavy shields:

    Phoenix shield:

    Empire Knight Shield:

    Demon shield:

    Indian shield:

    Legionnaire shield:

    Dragon Shield:

    Dragon Warrior shield:

    Elven shield:

    Undead shield:

    Paladin shield:

    Knight shield:

    Spear shield:

    – Modern Shield:

    Ballistic shield:

    Police riot shield:

    Advanced riot shield:

    – Scientific shields:

    Advanced shield:

    Mecha shield:

    Plasma shield:

    Energy shield:

  10. RJ_McD says:

    jeff did i say something wrong my neck request got erased

  11. RJ_McD says:

    i asked for cybernetic steel tubes as a neck piece

  12. RJ_McD says:

    oops i posted it in the wrong place sorry jeff have a cookie

  13. Hammerknight says:

    Jeff those items show up now.

  14. Tim says:

    Nice job on the Shields Jeff, but I noticed the boomshield I requested didn’t make it. Just passed on it?

    Also will jewelry be included in neckwear? Or would it be included in its own slot afterward?

  15. Hey, Solander, sorry I missed getting your post in here sooner. It got sent to the Spam file, and I didn’t notice it until just before I went to bed. I’ll make sure that Jeff notices them if he doesn’t himself.

  16. Danny Beaty says:

    A big polka-dotted clown tie.
    A severed hangman’s noose.
    Everything from HM2.5.
    Would a spiked leather collar work on the HM3 pose?
    A severed hand (Good for the monster hunters.).
    A rubbery Reed Richards/Plastic Man/Elastic Lad/Elongated Man neck (Did I get everybody?).

  17. Fabien says:

    I agree for few high tech shield models.
    I would also an energy shield and more fantasy shield models :

  18. Solander says:

    OK, thanks for the notice Damien!

    Looks like I might have confused the specific requests for neck items with shield items. Oh well, I have some suggestions for that as well:

    – Tatted neckwear:

    – Redhorn neckwear:

    – Amulet:

    – Natural stone amulet:

    – Amulet bag:

    – Talisman:

    – Noose:

    – Spiked collar:

    – Collar:

    – Prayer beads:

    – Military dog tags:

    – Neck strap:

    – Camera with neck strap:

    – Necklace:

    – Hawaiian flower necklace:

    – Fur scarf:

    – Western scarf tie:

    – Neck protection:


  19. Jeff Hebert says:

    Great links Solander, thanks!

  20. RSC5 says:

    Oh, fashion! Finally! Any requests that aren’t guy enough can be filed away for later, right new office elf Damien? If not, I’d like to know so I don’t take up future page space like some kinda moron.


    Broken noose that can hang around the neck, perhaps in a couple different varieties of subtle. (By which I mean that sometimes you need a fashion accessory and sometimes you just freakin’ escaped…):

    Necklace that falls thusly:

    Collar/shirtfront additions:

    A sailor collar, which comes a few different ways but you just do whatever or use pieces for other collars:

    Cravats! These are just some that I found, you can probably get the jist and pick out several kinds:

  21. chase says:

    I think one of the shields are one i asked for so thanks Jeff

  22. JR says:

    i second rsc5’s(# 22)solander’s(#1o and 19), berserkers(#24), neon’s(#8), and fabien’s(#18) neck and sheild requests. i’d really like to have some cravats and SWAT sheilds and gear would be VERY nice.

  23. RSC5 says:

    Last group, because the fancy struck me to do so.

    Chain/necklace with a key on the end:

    Chain/necklace with a ring on the end, either a simple band or one with a stone:

    Random Bone Stuff:,Vintage%20German,%20Bone,SS%20Clasp_JPG.jpg

    Native American Neckwear:

    Scythian Necklace:

    Monet Bib Necklace:

    Random, more feminine pieces I came across…sorry:–Necklace.jpg–Detail.jpg

  24. paul says:


    Can you make a version of the shield found in the horror section with out the skull on it?

  25. I have to agree with Paul. I thought that shield looked awesome for elves, but the skull kinda kills the illusion.

  26. JR says:

    again solanders and especially RSC5 got some great ideas, and I’m 1/16 Cherokee so this stuff means a lot too me. henceforth i second BOTH and ALL of thier requests. anyone else with me on these two’s requests’?

  27. RSC5 says:

    @JR: Holy crap, man! I’m a 1/16th Cherokee too! Shoulda looked up more specific stuff to go with that, but my laptop right now is just not even worth messing with. Almost crashed on that last list.

  28. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes, good suggestions from RSC5 and Solander, and I am working on the last one of theirs that I am going to make right now. The buffalo hide shield came out great IMHO, can’t wait to put it up for you guys.

  29. RSC5 says:

    Since I’m on the actual good computer right now and more than a little bored…last batch. Honest. I just feel like variety is the spice of life and maybe these’ll give you some more detailed ideas for a later expansion set or two. Especially now with the headshot function.

    Bell Native American Copper & turquoise Necklace:

    Amuletish Jewelry Choices:–original-jewelry-art-necklace-by-vintage-filigree-jewelry

    Steampunk Octopus! This is so cool:

    More Native American:

    Random Tribal:

  30. Hey Jeff, since you’re still on the shields, could you separate the energy shield from the emitter? I think the color scheming would look a lot better if they were different items…

  31. JR says:

    if i have my piece of paper with me i can read and write in Cherokee lol. gotta go get my bike fixed. will be back.

  32. I know you are done with the shields now but if you happen to re-visit them in the future I have a suggestion. SHields with a blank area are very useful for placing insignia or logo’s on. Of course there are ways around it but they are bulky.

  33. Awesome designs! Got the brain juice flowing.