Character Contest 5: Fantasy

Although most people think "super-heroes" when they hear "HeroMachine", the world of imagination is much broader than that. Your challenge for this week, therefore, is to design a character from the worlds of sword & sorcery -- barbarians, rangers, halflings, ogres, trolls, dragons, wizards, you name it. You might even do a fantasy-themed super-hero, of course, the sky's the limit, so long as it is in some way S&S related. The rules as always are simple:

  1. You can use any version of HeroMachine you like;
  2. No editing in Photoshop or other image-manipluation programs;
  3. You must leave a link to an image of your creation in the comments to this post, preferably on a site that doesn't require registration.

The winning entry will get to select either one item to be included in the final version of HeroMachine 3, or they can choose to have an illustration of their face included with the program for all the world to use as their own heroic template.

Good luck everyone! I'll judge a winner next Tuesday, the day after I turn 40. So I might need bifocals by then to see all the entries, but by golly-by-gum I'll get it done!