HM3: Behind the mask

I've just updated the HeroMachine 3 Alpha with the "HeadgearMask" set featuring 49 items, most of them brand new. Here's a quick look at twelve of the new items:


Note that I have included several different "pieces" for you to use in assembling your own custom mask if you like. For instance, in the preview above the item on the bottom row, second from the left is meant to be colored as if it were flesh, and combined with a full-head colored as a cloth mask. This allows you to make a straight-lined mask open at the top to let the hair spill out with either a curved Captain America-style mouth opening, or one like you see here, or one of the alternates. Or you could swap out the straight-line top portion with a curved one. You can also use the dedicated "eye hole" items from the "EyesStandard" set to further customize your headgear.

Similarly, the gas mask you see in the last two items of the preview are meant to be used together. But I thought the purely mask portion was pretty neat looking, so I made it a standalone. And you can now combine the filter portion with any of the other masks for your own unique look.

As usual, holler if you see any bugs or problems, or if there's a Mask item you really wanted to see but that didn't make it.