META: He's baaaaack

I just wanted to let you know that I am back in Texas and working on the HeroMachine 3 Alpha save code once again. The old way I thought was working is, in fact, not working. So it's back to the drawing board, but the new approach is promising in its early stages. We'll see.

I should have the last contest results posted this afternoon.

15 Responses to META: He's baaaaack

  1. Andemas says:

    Welcome back, Jeff. I wish you luck on the coding.

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks Andemas, I’m gonna need it :-/

  3. Merrick says:

    Welcome back jeff, as i have recently started doing flash my self … i really do not envy you right now with the coding lol but i wish you the best of luck

  4. RJ mcd says:

    welcome back jeff i was going through withdrawls πŸ˜‰

  5. Hammerknight says:

    Welcome back hope you had a good time away from Texas.

  6. Tim says:

    I would also like to welcome you back, Jeff. πŸ™‚ Hope Oregon treated you well.

  7. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome-backs, guys. Oregon was awesome. Walking back off the plane into 90 degree Austin heat and high humidity was like walking into warm spit after the incredibly nice weather we’d had all weekend.

    On the HeroMachine front, it’s been a very successful afternoon. I have the basics of the loading system in place — I can hit “Save”, close the app, reopen it, hit “Load” and the character I saved comes up. I haven’t got layer order nailed yet, but it’s coming along nicely.

  8. neon_n64 says:

    Welcome back. I hope you had a good time in Oregon.

    Is good to know the Save feature is advancing, I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t made almost any characters because I been waiting for the save feature.

  9. violodion says:

    Ahh, the infamous β€˜left hand’ bug will be vanquished once and for all!!

    Saving ought be useful to β€œsketchy” characters quickly (b/w, no color) for later refinement. Also, should be a nice safety net for the crashing which can occur.

  10. DJ says:

    I must ask…did any of your oxen die?

  11. The Imp says:

    Good to have you back Jeff, and good to hear that you got to enjoy some nice, non-Texas weather. I lived in Uvalde briefly as a kid and I definitely don’t miss the mind-killing heat/humidity. πŸ˜€

  12. Matt says:

    Great that your back from Texas Jeff, did you have fun?

  13. Matt says:

    I ment to say “in” not “from” by the way

  14. Jeff Hebert says:

    We had a really good time, thanks for asking. Oregon sure is pretty; the temperatures were mild, the weather gorgeous, the mountains amazing, and the people really nice.

  15. Matt says:

    Thats good to hear πŸ˜€