HM3: I can really belt them out …

... and onto your screen, as the "Belt-Standard" set of items for HeroMachine 3 has now been released. Included in it are 72 mostly-new items ranging from plain buckles and straps to elaborate filigrees and everything -- or at least a lot of things -- in between.

If anything particularly egregious was left out that belongs in a very broad sampling of possibilities, let me know in comments. I do plan on doing Belt-Buckles and Belt-Containers sorts of sets for scabbards, buckles (duh), holsters, more straps, canteens, dungeon-delving belt-worn items, etc.

One thing that will not be in the latter are items that would make more sense as part of the "ItemRight/Left" sets. Now that you can move items around, layer them, scale them, rotate them, etc., it's easy enough to add stuff to the belts rather than have me draw eleventy bazillion (an actual number! Not.) variations on a big wide leather belt with twenty things hanging off of it.

Note, for instance, I put in the injection-molded holster (is that what you call it?) from the Military/Tech set, but without the gun handle sticking out. That's because you can put whatever gun you want in there, rather than having to live with my metal-gripped .45. Just roate it, scale it if necessary, move it to a layer just below the holster, and viola, you got yourself a gun in a holster.

I feel the pain of those hoping for scabbards in this release. I just couldn't get there, I apologize -- there were too many great suggestions for complete belts in the last thread for me to pass up. And THANK YOU to everyone who posted there, you made this set much more than it would have been otherwise.

In the meantime, you can always make your own scabbards by taking just the blade portion of any of the stuff in ItemRight-Blades, color it black (or leather-brown or whatever you want, and you've got yourself a scabbard. You can decorate it with tassles from the new Belt-Standard set, filigree from the Foot or Glove sets, and patterns to make it all fancy, and then stick it onto a regular belt, and you're good to go. More difficult for you, yes, but at least you're not being held hostage to that mean old bald guy in Texas (that's me, by the way).

Hope you enjoy the new belts! I'm pleased with the way they came back, and really appreciate all the great ideas you guys fed me. Couldn't do this without you!

10 Responses to HM3: I can really belt them out …

  1. violodion says:

    Skull runes! Scroll Cases! Money Bags! Very nice Color2 on that last buckle!

    Can totally see some of these things flying off the belt, so to speak.

    …and other things I gotta figure out what they are. 🙂

  2. violodion says:

    Bug(?): Pattern spills out of (only) two items
    * Items > Belt > Military > twotone-left
    ** (pg2, row2, item2)

    * Items > Belt > Military > holstered-gun
    ** (pg3, row1, item1)

    see also,

    May be the same/similar (deep) pattern issue capes/backplane have.

  3. Solander says:

    Amazing; you did a great job Jeff!

  4. Anarchangel says:

    Thanks so much for these Jeff. They just helped me recreate one of my favorite HM2 ladies and it turned out great. Love em 🙂

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks for the kind words, they’re much appreciated!

    V, thanks for the heads-up on those pattern bugs, I just uploaded a corrected Belt-Military file.

    Anarchangel, I LOVE that female character you posted, really well done. I commented on the forums too, but if anyone has a chance to go and check it out I highly recommend it. A great looking character design!

  6. LoneWolf6155 says:

    Jeff, I had the same error with one of the new belt items that I had with the blades.

  7. Jeff Hebert says:

    Again, LoneWolf, you’re going to have to be more specific. I don’t know what you’re talking about. If it’s the general problem of an item or items getting “stuck”, I’m aware of it and it’s on the list of things to fix. It’s an alpha, there are a lot of problems left.

  8. LoneWolf6155 says:

    Yeah, it’s that problem. Sorry for bothering you about it, but I have made one observation that might help. Sometimes when you click on a problem item to add another you get an item from another list where the item to be selected is in the same relative position as the item on the current list. I tried to explain it the best I could, but wow, I’m not even sure I can decipher that.

  9. Joshy676 says:

    Sometimes you can clear the “stuck” item by switching from “Mulitiple” to “Single” and selecting a different item. The only problem’s that you’re going to have to replace all the other items you wanted.

  10. LoneWolf6155 says: