HM3: A slight change in plan

I've spent all morning gathering reference for the Insignia-Nature set, and I'm overwhelmed. I'm thinking there's no way to fit everything in under that one heading. So I will probably separate it out into Elements (rain, wind, ice, fire, earth, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.); Plants (trees, leaf icons, acorns, etc.); and Animals (animal heads, paw prints, insects, etc.).

But that's a ton of work, easily several hundred items. So I am going to backtrack here a bit and shelve the remainder of the Insignia until I get the remainder of the slots without Standard items done, as I'd originally planned. I'm going to do Companions first, because it's easy and fast. In the meantime, let me know in the comments what slot you want to see get a set of Standard items next. I think the remaining ones after Companions are:

  • Background
  • Belt
  • Facial Hair (there's one CALLED standard at the moment, but it's very incomplete)
  • Shoulders

As a reminder, "Auras" will be sort of built in to the Body, Hand, and Foot slots so you can get a more accurate outline. Similarly, a lot of slots will have an "Extras" set for odds and ends like scars, pockets, bullet holes, etc., things that aren't complete items in and of themselves but which are intended to enhance others.