HM3: More Logos means More Better

Starting tomorrow I'll begin work on a few additional Insignia sets. Combing through the great suggestions in the last thread, here are the main groups I'll probably do.

  • Nature
    • coyote
    • animal heads
    • more eagles
    • snarling dog
    • cat’s paw with claws ready for attack.
    • dorsal fin
    • Roses and other flowers
    • snowflake and other weather-related symbols
    • bear paw
    • Nautilus shell
    • musical notes
    • Animal (paws, animal heads, animal silhouettes, insects, arachnids etc)
    • Vegetal (leaves, trees, flowers, fruits)
    • Laurel Wreath
    • Olive branch (v. re-usable)
    • Open five finger hand (no HandRight/HandLeft equivalent, yet at least) — http–interconnected-org/home/more/2004/12/hand_columns.jpg
    • Gems
  • Additions to the Insignia-Tech set, including variations on gears and more chest-mounted force projectors.
  • Zodiac signs.
  • Runes.

If you have any additional suggestions for Insignia along those broad categories, let 'em rip.