HM3: Show me a sign!

Or an insignia would be even better, actually. I'll start on Insignia-Standard tomorrow, so if you have any special requests, let me know in the comments below. I'll of course be making every effort to convert over all the 2.x Insignia, plus a whole bunch more in the spirit of what you've seen already.

I realized earlier that I'm starting to get perilously close to having all the planned Slots filled with a set of Standard items. According to my rough working draft, the remaining unfilled Slots are:

  • Insignia
  • Companion
  • Belt
  • Facial Hair

Can you think of any slots I am leaving out? There are some pretty hefty sub-sets, of course, including a bunch of environmental/setting ones for Background (bits and pieces of scenery like chairs, desks, doors, wall dividers, text boxes for character names and/or headers like in a comic book, etc.). But if I am missing any big, glaring areas that merit their own Slot but don't have one, by all means let me know.