The future of fashion is not pretty

Apparently in the future everyone dresses exactly as you'd expect hyper-intelligent, bored, lazy, passive nerds to:


I get that this poor schlub is from a future with no criminals, but surely he had a video of one, or a photo, or a drawing, or a description of a photo of a drawing. Something, anything, to give him a clue that his outfit is incredibly lame.

First of all, a unitard is hard to pull off for anyone, and granted, I'd kill for a set of pajamas with the footsies already built in. But not boots. You don't mix footsie PJs and boots, that ought to be a criminal offense right there.

Second, if your name is Knodar, you don't put "P" all over your uniform, ok? Work with me here. Even if you're going for a prison-fetish look, like he is, it's confusing to have a letter on your outfit that doesn't appear anywhere in your name.

Third, lose the hat. A hat and a mask and a popped collar move you well beyond "cool pulp character" and into "fashion disaster".

Finally, you're from the incredibly advanced future, and the best weapon you could come up with is an electric spatula? Really? I'm starting to think the other future citizens "helped" Knodar figure out how to "escape" to the past, just to get rid of this Loser for the Ages.

(Character and image © DC Comics, Inc.)