HM3: The ears have it

I added a few new Ears to the Standard set, including several intended to help make your own Headgears look right. Here's a sample character created with the new items added today:


The mask consists of one of the Standard Heads, colored green; four eyes, two of which act as the mask's eye holes (colored flesh tones), the other two of which are normal eyes layered on top; the circle Insignia, masked onto the Head and scaled horizontally to make it an arc and then colored flesh tones to make it look like the mask's mouth opening; two of the new ears, colored to look like regular ears covered in cloth; two Eyebrows, with the right one moved behind the eye openings so the second color gets clipped off rather than intruding over the mask's cutouts like the left one; and the rest of the normal facial features.

It's more cumbersome to do it this way, but man, you can get some really nice effects. I could use that same basic setup and swap out a triangle Insignia to serve as the mouth opening instead. Or use the Square Insignia masked to the Head to make it look like the mask cuts off at the forehead. Or or or ...

Yeah. Lots of possibilities. Have fun, holler if there's something not working right!

Oh, I did notice that using the Insignia for a mask mouth opening kind of screws you for using a nose ... I haven't thought through what to do about that.

18 Responses to HM3: The ears have it

  1. Will says:

    I’m really enjoying the HM# i cantwait till it is fully finished

  2. collex says:

    Jeff, what you did up to now is amazing, but There is just one thing lacking in the headgear item: a single spike (so I can put it on the top of a medieval helmet for german-style helmet). I know you had one in the warrior mini, but I don,t see it in HM3

  3. Jason says:

    TY for the elf ears Jeff. Perfect!

  4. hofter says:

    how do u do the paterns smaller??

  5. hofter says:

    @ will: do yo mean this?

    or you can also use the 3 spikes from the shoulders,
    1. rotate them.
    2. use a complete blank item to hide 2 of them.

  6. hofter says:

    @jeff: jeff can you fix the bug that apears once you add a pattern to any cape?
    or are u planing to fix bugs latter on??
    (i think that sounds unpolite, but i couldnt find nicer words to write it, srry). =)

  7. Timespike says:

    Jeff, can we get the spandex color block patterns continued onto the spandex leggings?

    Also: The spandex “walking” leggings don’t match the body legs. At all.

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    @hofter: Yes, I’ll be fixing bugs at some point. I don’t have a plan for it other than “at some point” though. I don’t know what the cape pattern bug is?

    @Timespike: It’s on the list for tomorrow.

  9. hofter says:

    @jeff: here is the cape/pattern bug, it also happens with the catana. add a cape and a pattern and u will see it.
    here is a character with the problem:

  10. hofter says:

    i think you wont be able to see the image on that post, srry here it is the right one:

  11. The Imp says:

    Yeah, that’s kind of the same problem you get when you try to add a grayscale pattern to hands or gloves.

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks Hofter, I appreciate your reminding me of that. Basically that’s a problem where the object that forms the mask (which is almost always the same object as color1) is a bad combination of angles. The pattern that goes on it gets messed up and shoots off like that. I think I also probably have the object itself misaligned also, it’s supposed to be right on top of color1. I’ll take a look.

    The problem with the hands is different, in that case the mask object is everything except the part you want to hide the hand-held item. What I need to do there is put in an addition to the patterning code that says “If you’re using a Hand as the mask, instead of using the usual masking object, use color1.” Or something. That’s going to take a little longer to resolve, as I try to set aside all my “mucking around in the control code” time for the same bloc. It makes tracking down bugs and changes easier.

    Fixing items themselves, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward.

  13. violodion says:

    Cool beans!

    Good point about the two eyebrow trick. Ought make the “Headshot View” snapshots more popular.

    Snuck in some horns and earrings not previously noticed. Appears about three sizes/types of elf-pointy-type ears. Couple ‘furry’ ears in there.

    Nice selection of horns — all seem animal based, unlike demon-devil type horns (guess that is on the Fantasy “later list”). Likewise, only one reptile-demon type ears at the moment.

  14. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yeah, I’m sort of stuck on the demon ears, I wanted one or two more but I couldn’t come up with anything cool. If you have a reference for the kind of thing you want, send it on and I’ll try to get it in.

    I do need to add the traditional devil horns like Mark Shute had done, those were neat.

  15. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK, the BackplaneStandard long cape and the katana have both been fixed so patterns apply to them normally.

    There’s a further problem where the pattern doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the item. That’s because I drew the patterns to be about half the size of the stage, figuring (stupidly) that no items would be long enough to fill the whole thing and trying to save on file size. Clearly I’ll need to go back and fix that, but for now you can use the patterns in the “PatternStandard” set and manually mask them. It’s harder, but you can scale it to make it fit the long capes and such.

  16. violodion says:

    @hofter, post #9 : Clever tattoo on that image!

    @Jeff: Most patterns do not fill a ‘Backplane’ 100%. It is more noticeable when ‘Backplane’ item is transformed >100% size. Not sure how to add a html repeat for x & y axis equivalent in Flash.

  17. violodion says:

    Erk, Jeff beat me to it!

  18. paul says:


    When you get back to working on the tops would it be possible to add a Revolutionayr war style jacket? Pirate jacket? You can’t have a tri-corner hat with out a proper jacket…that wouldn’t be gentlemanly 😉