Poll Position: Cap's dead but his power lives on

Our "Poll Position" question this week is:


Because even when a hero dies, his powers ought to live on. Discussion after the jump.

Let's take a look at our options, O Mighty Chooser:

  • Aunt May: She was so popular last time, I had to bring her back for this one. She may have missed out on being Iron Man's newest armored henchgranny, but let's face it -- osteoporosis and getting slammed around in a big metal suit don't exactly go well together anyway. Having Captain America's strength, health, and agility, however, is a whole 'nother story. Even if she'd had the Stark armor, she'd be out of it most of the time, leaving her still vulnerable to attack, necessitating yet another rescue from someone whose time would be better spent saving the rest of the world. Captain Maymerica, however, can take care of her own self all the time. Plus think how much fun it would be to have super-powers when fighting prescription drug companies or the Medicare bureaucracy. AARP needs a hero too, not just America!
  • Daredevil: Matt already has some heightened physical abilities, but he's nowhere near Captain America level. This would make him extraordinarily strong and resilient, while keeping his incredible radar vision and heightened senses. In terms of sheer bad-assery, Daredevil with Cap's powers plus his own would be pretty amazing.
  • General Ross: Imagine Captain America with all the resources of an Army general, whose only purpose in life is to kill The Hulk. That would be a fun story to read.
  • Hawkeye: Can you tell I think Hawkeye's a ridiculous character? At least the purple-clad version, the guy in The Ultimates (at least, the Millar-Hitch version) is awesome. Which when you think about it, is pretty close to what regular-Hawkeye with Super Soldier powers would be. Cap can have his dinky shield, give this guy all that ability PLUS a killer set of arrows and you'd finally have a character you could take seriously. Assuming he also got a Complete Super-Hero Costume Makeover, of course. Maybe he could call Amber Love as part of the deal!
  • Nick Fury: I love Nick Fury, both the regular half-pirate White Guy version and the Samuel L. Jackson Ultimates version. The guy's driven, determined, intelligent, ruthless, and effective. Give him actual super powers on top of that, and you'd have one hell of a weapon.
  • Professor Xavier: Finally he gets out of that effing chair and kicks some butt!
  • Punisher: Does Frank really need to get even more ability to kill people? Really?

Looking through the list, then, I'd probably go with ... hmm, this is kind of a hard one. I find myself torn between Ross and Fury, apparently I have a thing for a man in a uniform. The General Ross concept has great storytelling potential, in terms of a guy so driven by hate and the desire to protect his daughter, frustrated that he can't take on her tormentor personally, finally given the chance to get the power he'd need. I mean, don't get me wrong, Hulk would crush him regardless, but it'd be fun to watch.

And Nick Fury's just already such a bad-ass, it's hard to imagine him even more involved in the direct physical stuff. But he'd be a genuine fighter for good, whereas Ross would probably cross over into semi-villain-hood.

So I'd probably go with Nick Fury, Agent Director Enforcer of S.H.I.E.L.D. Who would you pick?

15 Responses to Poll Position: Cap's dead but his power lives on

  1. Jester says:

    Stark armor, Super Soldier Serum, Power Cosmic, I don’t care what it is: if we’re going with giving a random character super powers, its Aunt May for me! Iron May, Spidermay, Captain Maymerica, Mighty May, and Mayday! The many masks of May!

  2. Jester says:

    On second thought… it would be pretty cool to see Prof X do kung fu…

  3. DJ says:

    Hawkeye is not a ridiculous character! He is one of my all time favorite characters along with the full West Coast Avengers team! It was my first comic book and one of the best.

    If I have to choose Ross. I would love to see him go toe to toe with Hulk.

  4. coyote ytmn says:

    i say x. but ill point out only pne caps dead. dont forget there is the first one the oldst on he is the black one .

  5. violodion says:

    Moar Punisher!

    Prof X is severely underplayed as it is. Aunt May, General Ross, and Nick Fury have been more background, move-the-plot-along types. DD & Hawkeye? Second string at best; it is not like DD is really blind anyhow.

    Punisher has been trying to get upgraded but never quite makes it. Super Formula? Might boost him to the A-list.

  6. EnderX says:

    I thought the main Nick Fury already had one superpower (possibly chemical in origin, though) – slowed aging. This is the same Fury who was leading the Howling Commandos during the War, isn’t it?

    Jester, I’m probably going to be imagining the ‘many Masks of May’ scenario all night long. Thanks for the laugh.

    Insofar as an actual preference, I say Hawkeye; turn what Stark tried to do back in on him.

  7. J. Tester says:

    Hawkeye is one of a very select number of unpowered, costumed heroes who still managed to hold their own in the Avengers – a group with a very large power base. If he were given the dose of SSS, he’d move into a new category. Besides, he’s one of Cap’s best students in terms of hand-to-hand combat and tactics. If he’d stop getting written as a chump and get the respect a character of his accomplishments deserves, then he’d be awesome.

  8. William A. Peterson says:

    Another vote, here, for Hawkeye!
    He’s already had some training from Cap, he has his own unique skills, AND he could actually benefit from the Serum (though you better not forget the Vita-Ray treatments)!
    Nick’s already had a treatment with a ‘watered-down’ version, and Ross is just a little too nuts…
    May not only doesn’t have the proper training, but she really doesn’t have the Heroic attitude…
    And, Peter would probably be freaked out if it turned out that the new, revitalized, Aunt May were prettier than Mary Jane! :->
    Frank (The Punisher) simply is NOT on very good terms with the appropriate authorities…

  9. Danny Beaty says:

    I voted for the Punisher. Ross is a fanatic, and a fanatic should never be given superhuman powers. Imagine this: the Punisher with Cap’s powers AND a suit made from the same material as Cap’s shield (It would look like the Punishers present costume, but be bullet proof and bomb proof.). That would be awesome!

  10. Merrick says:

    Ok i am going for Xavier all around, i mean if he unleashed his full power and hand the super soldier formula …. i seriously magneto would ever stand a chance …

    “Super X” vs “Apocalypse” ….. there is a what if Marvel

  11. The Imp says:

    @Danny: You could make the case that the Punisher is a fanatic too…

    But I still voted for him. 😀

    Every notice how often the Punisher wins in these polls?

  12. Xstacy says:

    I’d give it to Daredevil. I mean, the poor guy’s super-power is being *not completely* blind, and he still kicks ass; just imagine what he could do with a boost!

  13. DJ says:

    Daredevils power is he is a blind guy…that can see. It is one of the lamest powers ever.


  15. Luke says:

    I think Ultimate Nick Fury has already been given a Super-Soldier serum. Its in Ultimate Origins