Poll Position: A new suit to remake the man

Our poll position this week comes from frequent commenter Collex, and I sincerely appreciate the suggestion. Here goes:


Discussion after the jump. And if you have any ideas for poll position questions, I'd love to hear 'em!

There are too many choices to go through individually this week, so I'm just going to sort of highlight a few.

First, Collex's only suggestion for a choice was The Punisher, which I think would be really cool. You give that guy that much firepower and Tony Stark would learn a thing or two about how to be a badass.

I threw in Aunt May as a chuckle because, come on, Spider-Man has GOT to be tired of saving her ancient butt by now. I think the entire Marvel Universe would get a lot more done if they could quit worrying about the old bag. Slap her in armor and forget about her, I say.

I'd pay cash money to see a giant, armored, repulsor-beaming Fin Fang Foom. 'Nuff said on that score.

I think the most intriguing name on the list, along with The Punisher, would be Conan. There's a "What If" story where he gets thrown into the future by a Thoth Amon spell gone awry. He takes over a criminal gang and eventually has a run-in with Captain America, where he acquits himself quite well. I'd love to see what Conan's completely alien morality would do in the modern world with the power of Iron Man's armor around him. The results would, I'm sure, be equal parts cataclysmic and entertaining.

So who would you pick to be the recipient of Stark Enterprise's generosity?