Poll Position: A new suit to remake the man

Our poll position this week comes from frequent commenter Collex, and I sincerely appreciate the suggestion. Here goes:


Discussion after the jump. And if you have any ideas for poll position questions, I'd love to hear 'em!

There are too many choices to go through individually this week, so I'm just going to sort of highlight a few.

First, Collex's only suggestion for a choice was The Punisher, which I think would be really cool. You give that guy that much firepower and Tony Stark would learn a thing or two about how to be a badass.

I threw in Aunt May as a chuckle because, come on, Spider-Man has GOT to be tired of saving her ancient butt by now. I think the entire Marvel Universe would get a lot more done if they could quit worrying about the old bag. Slap her in armor and forget about her, I say.

I'd pay cash money to see a giant, armored, repulsor-beaming Fin Fang Foom. 'Nuff said on that score.

I think the most intriguing name on the list, along with The Punisher, would be Conan. There's a "What If" story where he gets thrown into the future by a Thoth Amon spell gone awry. He takes over a criminal gang and eventually has a run-in with Captain America, where he acquits himself quite well. I'd love to see what Conan's completely alien morality would do in the modern world with the power of Iron Man's armor around him. The results would, I'm sure, be equal parts cataclysmic and entertaining.

So who would you pick to be the recipient of Stark Enterprise's generosity?

25 Responses to Poll Position: A new suit to remake the man

  1. Runt82 says:

    The Punisher or Nick Fury would probably be the best fit for me, but I can’t stop giggling with glee about the sight of Aunt May in armored power suit.

  2. Jose Inoa says:

    Uhm, Mr.H, sir? The Conan/Iron Man idea has been done in the form of “X-O Manowar” from Valiant Comics. AND this barbarian in a high-tech suit teamed-up with Iron Man in a comic AND a video game!
    If anybody remembers which “What-If” story had a superpowered Aunt May, please tell me, cuz I think it was Aunt May vs Galactus.
    The original Green Goblin is currently the “Iron Patriot” of the Dark Avengers comic, so that’s that.
    Giant Man would function like a Gundam, Devil Dinosaur (and Moon-Boy) would be a MechaGodzilla…
    DareDevil don’t NEED no stoopidt ‘armor’, yo. He a ninja!
    Angel prefers his feathers, Beast hates static electricity, and although Fin Fang Foom would be hellacious in Stark Technology – Thor and Hulk would pitch a fit over it…

    Collex is right. The Punisher would kill the Marvel Universe ten times over (again) in Tony’s armor technology… or would he just become… Dr. Doom?

  3. John says:

    Totally Aunt May. That way she can defend herself against all the plot lines that have killed her off over the last 50 years.

  4. Jester says:

    Sorry folks, I don’t care what you say. Begone with your logic and reason! It’s Iron May for me!

  5. Runt82 says:


    Wiki says Aunt May becomes the Golden Oldie, one of Glactus’ heralds.

    Here’s the link.

  6. Dj says:

    Hasn’t spiderman already had some Stark tech? The “Iron Spider” or something? I vote for Punisher.

  7. Luke says:

    Yep Spidey was given Stark-tech armor during the Superhero Civil War. It can turn invisible and has doc ock type legs. it also can make it self look like his past costumes. I vote Cap

  8. Xstacy says:

    Devil Dinosaur. In prep for a re-match with Nextwave.

  9. nate says:

    my vote goes to punisher as well

  10. nate says:

    although, i’d pay pretty good money to see the hulk in some kind of stark suit, don’t know if it’s been done before though

    same goes for wolverine actually

  11. Kalkin says:

    I answered Nick Fury. He’d have good use for the suit. I first concidered Punisher, but I don’t think it fits his character. The use of relatively “usual” tech, guns, grenades, knives etc. is part of his attraction as some kind of opposite to high flying tech junkies like Iron man.

  12. Moonshade says:

    Okay, if you want a serious vote, it’s Fury. I think he’d benefit the most from it.

    But, the idea of Aunt May in armor is just too entertaining not to consider!

  13. Joshua says:

    I read the poll question, already knowing who I would choose, but still felt I needed to give the list a brief glance so I could be on my way. My cursor glided toward Captain America, then all that remained was the seal of a click. Yet, though I skimmed the list, it was then that I spotted her name: Aunt May. “What’s Jeff up to?”, I chuckled. Who of us didn’t? But it was a nervous one, because I knew I was going to waiver. It is Captain Rogers who deserves the means and technology. Yes. He. Does. However, the thought of a multi-million dollar piece of equipment– probably one of the greatest tactical devices ever– being used to crank out, ‘assembly line style’, wheatcakes was more than I could take. God help me…I faltered.

  14. Danny Beaty says:

    I’d like to see Tony Stark share his “Iron Man” tech with Bruce Wayne.

  15. Hades says:

    Probably Fury, he’d look badass in an Iron armor. Or Aunt May, I’d buy that comic.

  16. Richard Tale says:

    I think Cap had an armor. I don’t know if it was from Stark but he had one.

    Like DJ and Luke said, Spider-Man already used an armor from Stark (that gave Stark power over Spidy).

    Althoug I love the idea of seeing Aunt May in an armor I have to try to control myself.

    So, I choose: Hawkey.

    Now, I’m not talking about repulsor-beams. I’m still talking about bow and arrow but hi-tech. Imagine him, flying and shoting arrows with even more precision than before. And it would take him to more powerfull enemies if you consider the fact that right now he has no powers.

  17. Luke says:

    In a What If?: Civil War, Cap wears some iron man-esque armor coloured red white and blue like the current iron patriots armor int he dark avengers

  18. EnderX says:

    Aunt May, definitely. As pointed out, she -needs- something to protect her.

    Not to mention the fact she’s used an old suit of Stark armor once already, although that storyline probably bit it in the massive recon a while back.

  19. William A. Peterson says:

    Most of the others have either been done, or (like Fin Fang Foom) just don’t make any sense!
    {Why would Golden Oldie need something so trivial as Iron Man armor?}
    Matt, on the other hand, could become Hell’s Kitchen’s own ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ as…
    Destroyer Lawyer! :->

  20. Timespike says:

    I love the idea of a power-armored Batman from higher up this list, but I’d give it to Cap (the Steve Rogers version). Cap’s combat and tactical skills and vibranium-adamantium shield combined with flight, super-strength, life support, onboard weapon systems and so forth would make him even more of a threat to evil everywhere.

  21. Dj says:

    I should have read the list better. If I had noticed Hawkeye I would have chosen him. He is my favorite hero. I love the West Coast Avengers.

  22. Jose Inoa says:

    [ W.A.Petersen ] “Destroyer Lawyer!!!” Get that copyrighted QUICK, dude! Before someone pits the idea against Conan the Destroyer Duck! Seriously, I love it.

  23. Runt82 says:

    More info on the Golden Oldie. I’m beginning to regret ever looking this up in the first place.

    http://www.jasonrivera.com/viewarticle.php?art_id=144 (Warning: Language)

  24. Worf says:

    Aunt May all the way!! Hilarious Idea.

    As far as Batman, have a look at this and see what he thinks 😉 it’s about the movies but there’s a great comment in there.

  25. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    Aunt May!

    The Iron Aunt!

    May of Iron!

    I know it’s been done before – but it should be done ALL THE TIME!