Special One Year Prizes

I wanted to mark the occasion of the 52nd week (which according to my Aztec Calendar is one year) of the HeroMachine Caption Contests in some way. So I've gone through and tallied up all of the Honorable Mentions throughout the year (except for week 52), coming up with the following list of Caption Contest All-Stars, with the number of times they made the Honorable Mention list (but not as winners):

  1. Frankie (11)
  2. Rick (7)
  3. Fishpants (6)
  4. Danny Beaty (6)
  5. Halloween Jack (6)
  6. Runt82 (5)
  7. Ian (5)
  8. Doomed Pixel (5)
  9. Whit (5)
  10. Jester (5)
  11. John d (5)
  12. Loki (4)
  13. Ballin' Boy (4)
  14. Niall Mor (4)

Apparently I find Frankie hysterical, who knew? Seriously, to get on the list four or more times is truly remarkable, speaking not only of a great sense of humor and a lively imagination, but dedication to keep coming back time after time. Thank you all sincerely for helping to spread laughter through the blog, I really appreciate it.

Since Frankie has the most overall Honorable Mentions, he gets his choice of either the first paperback edition of "All-Star Superman", one of the best comics of the last year in my humble opinion, or a "bonus" custom color illustration by yours truly. Congratulations Frankie!

In addition, I wanted to recognize the person on the list with the most Honorable Mentions who hadn't yet gotten an outright win. And that person, with five entries, is Doomed Pixel. Since he hasn't won before, he'll also win a free custom black and white illustration by me. He's made some killer characters in HeroMachine, so I look forward to seeing what he comes up with for his illustration.

Congratulations once again to Frankie and Doomed Pixel, as well as the other distinguished folks on the All-Star List. Well done!