"Watchmen" now a Saturday Morning cartoon!

With many thanks to Runt82, I can't clap loudly enough for this amazing take on "Watchmen", coming soon to the small screen from DC Animation. Click on the big "Play Movie" link to launch it, but be sure to have your drool bucket handy because it is pure awesomeness. I hope "Bubastis Bites", the super-cool replacement for "Scooby Snacks", make it to my store soon.

I do plan on taking in the actual film tomorrow as soon as I can slip away, but in the meantime this scratches the itch nicely. Hope you enjoy it!

6 Responses to "Watchmen" now a Saturday Morning cartoon!

  1. HalLoweEn-JacK says:


  2. Danny Beaty says:

    That was funny.

  3. DJ says:

    Omg…that was awesome. I haven’t laughed that hard in forever…WOW

  4. Rendu says:

    Alan Moore would approve. I’m sure. ,:)
    (close as i can get to a blood-smeared emoticon)

  5. Joshua says:

    That– hmm, where do I begin to describe it? Equal parts hilarious and disturbing. Works as a parody though. Ironically enough, I once read an interview where Moore addressed his hesitation about licensing Watchmen; he joked that someone would no doubt turn it into a Saturday morning cartoon. And the strange truth is I’m willing to bet at some time there was talk amongst studio execs and animation houses about adapting Watchmen as a kid-friendly cartoon. I’m sure Sunbow would have cranked out something slightly watchable (…no pun intended).

  6. Rendu says:

    I’m reminded of Alan Moore’s guest appearance on _The Simpsons_ ( yes, this really happened!), where Milhouse holds up a copy of the “Watchmen Babies: V For Vacation” DVD and asks him which of the Watchmen Babies is his favorite.