Retroview: Comic Book Villains (2002)

Comic Book Villains DVD coverI recently rented 2002's "Comic Book Villains" and I hated it, not because I felt insulted by their depiction of anyone who loves comic books and super heroes as pathetic, anti-social losers, but because I think entertainment in any medium should be a) entertaining and b) not crap.

"Comic Book Villains" failed on both scores.

Poorly written, poorly plotted, haphazardly acted, and offensive when not insufferably stupid, I found very little to like in this movie aside from a couple of good performances from actors who, frankly, should have known better than to take this job.

The plot was insipid, as if the worst parts of super-hero villains were tossed into a blender and only the most inane of their world-beating schemes allowed to escape. Nothing anyone did at any point made sense if you thought about it for more than a second. The characters' motivations were confused and at times self-contradictory.

I got the feeling the director couldn't decide what this movie was supposed to be, whether it was a dark comedy or a drama or an outright farce or what. Ultimately I was left with a feeling like "Fargo" had gone under the knife for unsuccessful reconstructive surgery, and what I was left with was a shambling horror with awful bits of its predecessor grafted onto its grotesque corpse.

OK, that's probably a bit over the top, but I really found myself getting angry while watching "Comic Book Villains" because it had many elements of a good movie. And none of them ever bore fruit. It was a very frustrating experience, and I can't recommend this film to anyone. For any reason.