Caption Contest 41: Dishpan hands? Get Thano-fresh!

If you come up with the best/funniest replacement dialog for this random comics panel:


And you'll win your very own custom black and white illustration from professional artist Jeff Hebert (he said self-referentially)! The rules are simple: make your entry in the comments below; no more than three entries per person; and try to keep it relatively clean, appropriate for a broadcast television show.

Now get out there and bring the funny!

53 Responses to Caption Contest 41: Dishpan hands? Get Thano-fresh!

  1. Brambles says:

    Somebody needs a hug!

  2. MontanaPlayer says:

    1. Just one more! Push! You can do it!
    2. Come to pappa!
    3. Are these the hands of a killer? Seriously.

  3. DJ says:

    (King of the hill reference)
    1.”What are you talking about?”

    2.”Ah let me hold the snac-I mean baby!”

    3.”If the glove don’t fit-Oh crap…”

  4. Bael says:


    ‘O sole mio
    Sta ‘nfronte a te!

  5. TheNate says:

    Ten fingers, no championship rings. This will be my season.

  6. TheNate says:

    I’m not kidding! It was this big! I almost had to flush twice!

  7. hookman says:

    Why dont you ever hug me mommy?

  8. Zincspider says:

    1: Guess what? I did’t wash after!


    3: DANG! Right hand in, right hand out, left hand in, left hand out. Not at the same time!

  9. Cavalier says:

    “You’re in good hands with Allstate” (someone had to say it)

  10. Jose Inoa says:

    1: Pucker, sucker.
    2: C’mon, guys! Manja! Manja!
    3: You should be dancing – yeah!

  11. Niall Mor says:

    Pull my fingers!

  12. Redrain says:

    1: So doc, whats the glove for? Anyway I was thinking that after the exam I could….. WHAAAAAAT WAS THAT? OWWWW!

    2: BEHOLD! MY LABRADOODLE! Isn’t he cute?!?

    3: I can beat you with two hands tied behind my back! Wait… wrong way.

  13. Vengeance says:

    Where’s the baby??????

    Every time I think I’m out of a Infinity war or crisis they pull me right back in.

    I’d walk a million miles For one of your smiles, My Mammy!

  14. Kaldath says:

    1) Five … Five Dollar Foot Longs!!

    2) I have a headache This Big and it has Excedrin written all over it!!

    3) Luke I am your father ,,, no seriously! .. That Vadar guy is a nut!!

  15. Gregg says:

    Some and give your Auntie Louise a big hug!

  16. Gregg says:

    er…”come,” not “some”

  17. Tracer says:

    Do they smell to you? I swear i used soap!

  18. Spyguy149 says:

    I WANT YOU!…To give me a hug

    In case of emergency the exit is directly behind you.


  19. Frankie says:

    “Please, just 10 cents a day is all that is needed for me to improve my wardrobe.”

  20. Frankie says:

    “Put it on the Riiiiitttzzzz.” Not sure if that’s the right line, but that’s what it sounds like to me.

  21. Rick says:

    1. Embrace Change… infiltratin’ since the 70’s bitchez!

    2. Whaddaya mean I smell like death??? oh, heh heh, right.

    3. Ribbed… for your pleasure.

  22. jude says:

    “Its not my fault!”

    “Spirit fingers!!!!!”


  23. The Grizz says:

    1.) Do THESE look like the hands of a killer? Whaddya mean they do?

    2.) Let the hug fest COMMENCE!

    3.) Let’s see if these gloves will fit O.J.

  24. DBraeges says:


    (Sorry. It was the first thing that came to my mind. Gives a hint of where my mind is most of the time…)

  25. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    Can you help me get these gloves off?

  26. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    Look what Liefield did to my arms!

  27. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    Please give it back, my dad gave me that ball.

  28. Zorbas The Awesome says:




  29. pdf says:


  30. William A. Peterson says:

    “Yes! You get the Pocket Fisherman, the Kitchen Magician, AND a full set of Ginsu Knives! NOW, how much would you pay?”

  31. epochfox says:

    join the dark side…. we have cookies and these lovely costumes

  32. Patrick says:

    LOVE ME!

  33. Joshua says:

    1). Jazz hands? No. These are death-metal hands!

  34. Niall Mor says:

    Victims–they melt in your mouth–not in your hands!

  35. Pyrate Hyena says:

    Pull a finger! Choose wisely!

  36. Fabien says:

    1) I come in peace.
    2) Peace and love, comrades.
    3) I come to speak about our new religion. Believe in me and live in peace or die.

  37. Frankie says:

    “Hairy palms? Cover them up with Orbitz Gloves.”

  38. Bael says:


    “Well aren’t you just the cutest little homicidal xenomorph in the whole wide universe! Yes you are! Yes you are! Yes you are!”

  39. Socrates says:

    1. “Put down the drugs and come give me a hug!”
    2. “I sold the infinity gauntlet to cash for gold and got money the very next day!”

  40. The Imp says:

    1. Mama! I made potty!

    2. Welcome to fantasy island!

    3. Can’t we all just get along?

  41. Loki says:


    Nothing up my sleeves, in my gloves however….

    Look sir, its the new thing! The kids call it ‘Ring under glove’! Ain’t it great?

  42. DrDeath says:

    You`re really my father, Darth? Come in my arms!

  43. Ballin' Boy says:

    You’re an angry elf!

  44. Ballin' Boy says:

    Heya Luigi! Whya did you eat my Whopper?

  45. Ballin' Boy says:

    You heard of mitosis? Well get ready for Thanosis the process of a division of your head from your body. Pwnnnnned!

  46. Gabriel says:

    Got tough skin? try Goldbond’s new moisturizer!

  47. Jak X says:

    May I have this dance Mrs. Claus?

  48. D says:

    Step right up! Step right up! Try Thano’s all new amazing, fully interactive, 3D 4 colour comic! FREE goggles with this issue!

    I knew I should never have signed on for Beetlejuice 2! I mean, just look at my head!

    What?! My head’s bigger than my… Curse you Rob Liefeld! Curse you all to hell!

  49. Danny Beaty says:

    1. You know what they say, big hands…

    2. My eyes! Give me back my eyes!

    3. I’m a California raisin!

  50. John D says:

    Channeling musicals for this contest

    1. (Grease) “Doin’ that crazy Hand Jive!”

    2. (Cats) “Memorieeeees….all alone in the mooonliiiiight”

    3. (Man of La Mancha) ” To dreeeeam the Impossible dreeeeam…..To Fight the Unbeatable Foe…To try when your arms are too weary…..To ruuuuun where the brave dare not gooooooo!”

  51. Fishpants says:

    1. Thwipp! THWIPP! Umm..snikt?
    2. It’s quickpudding! Pull me out!
    3. Yeah they’re big, but I’d trade ’em for a lower body.

  52. Meg says:

    1) C-come here Pookie… No, where are you going- I’m this
    2) YES, Mom, I got my palms!!
    3) Jazz hands… AND OUT!

  53. Dave says:

    1) Thug life!

    2) Behold! My powers come from too much time in the tub!

    3) I assure you ma’am I am a qualified instructor of breast exams!