What I'm reading

For no particular reason, here are the comics I currently am reading:

  • Fables: The story arc dealing with the war between Fabletown and the Empire just concluded, and damn was it satisfying. Great, distinctive art, wonderful storytelling (both visually and in the script), and a truly diverse, interesting, deep cast of characters.
  • Thor: Not actually a favorite any more, I just keep forgetting to tell my comics shop to stop setting it aside for me. It's gotten awfully dull, Thor just sort of broods all the time. Granted, in the last issue they dropped Asgard on the gods of the Skrulls, which is pretty nifty, but there was sure a lot of exposition getting there.
  • Ex Machina: This title started off really strong, but has gotten weaker in the last year. The photo-referenced art is starting to feel stiff and lifeless to me, and the stories aren't quite as interesting as they used to be. I'll probably stop collecting this one soon, too.
  • Invincible: My favorite super-hero title of the last twenty years. I love, love, love everything about this series, from the fantastic art to the fun stories, it all just works, exactly the way the best super-hero comics of the past did. Great storytelling and engaging characters paired with massive slugfests and crazy villains just rocks my world.
  • Dynamo 5: I like the premise (Superman-like character fathers many children by many women, five of them eventually band together to form a team, and each one has just one of their father's powers), and the first few issues were fun, but it's starting to lag as well.
  • Jack Staff: Consistently great, consistently fun, consistently wonderful. A great, great comic. You will believe comics can be in black and white and not suck.

That's pretty much it for me. I'll pick up one or two singles or small runs if I read something good about them online (usually via Chris' Invincible Super-Blog), but really it's Jack Staff, Fables, and Invincible that keep me going to the comics store nowadays.

I'd love to hear what you're reading in the comments, maybe I'll trip on something new and great.