Warrior update

I'm not able to post it, but I have taken your suggestions to heart and made a change to the Warrior Mini code base (which will also work for the Horror Mini and HM3). The "Dupe" setting is now slot-specific instead of being global. In other words, you can have "Body" and "LeftHand" set to Dupe, "LeftItem" and "Belt" set to No Dupe, and those settings will stay as you switch around to the different slots.

I also updated the code for the Preview section, so the previous button actually goes back one screen instead of going to the Next screen. I've got a slider button in there too that changes size and position based on the number of screens in that slot's Previews so you have a better idea of which set of items you're considering:


Not sure if those updates will make it to the launch version, though I certainly hope they do. I kind of missed the "final code deadline", but if we're lucky UGO will slip them in anyway.