Caption Contest 36: "MOM! I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK FIRST!!"

It's time once again for the Internet's Mightiest Caption Contest, brought to you by Jokin' Jeff the Japemeister and the entire Bertram Bullpen!

Whoops, got taken over by the spirit of Stan Lee for a moment there, my apologies. But you can understand the confusion, given that the Caption Contest panel for this week was drawn by none other than that mighty penciler of legend and Stan Lee contemporary, John Buscema!


If you come up with the funniest/best replacement dialog for this comic book image, you'll win your very own custom black and white illustration by professional artist Jeff Hebert of whatever you like (within reason). The rules are simple: No more than three entries per person, left in the comments to this post, which are all to be PG-13 rated or better. That's it, so put on your thinking cap and start captioning!