Warrior Mini Beta 2

I've put up a second version of the beta, with a major layout changes and 11 new Body parts for a bit of pose-customization. Let me know your thoughts in the comments to this post; I'm headed out of town in a bit but will be back on Sunday."> another iteration of the Warrior Mini. The two big changes are, first, a new layout to accomodate a 300x250 ad. I fought this, but it's a client demand and there's not much I can do about it. I tried to put the ad at the lower right, so the workflow wouldn't be as disturbed, but was rebuffed. C'est la vie.

The second is the addition of eleven new Body items, including arms, legs, feet, chest muscles, etc. so you can hopefully repose the figure a bit. It's kind of clunky, but it definitely expands the range of possibilities significantly. Let me know what you think. I hate dumping this on you and then leaving town for a day, but at least if you hate it you still have the old one to tinker with 🙂