Warrior Mini Beta 2

I've put up a second version of the beta, with a major layout changes and 11 new Body parts for a bit of pose-customization. Let me know your thoughts in the comments to this post; I'm headed out of town in a bit but will be back on Sunday."> another iteration of the Warrior Mini. The two big changes are, first, a new layout to accomodate a 300x250 ad. I fought this, but it's a client demand and there's not much I can do about it. I tried to put the ad at the lower right, so the workflow wouldn't be as disturbed, but was rebuffed. C'est la vie.

The second is the addition of eleven new Body items, including arms, legs, feet, chest muscles, etc. so you can hopefully repose the figure a bit. It's kind of clunky, but it definitely expands the range of possibilities significantly. Let me know what you think. I hate dumping this on you and then leaving town for a day, but at least if you hate it you still have the old one to tinker with 🙂

34 Responses to Warrior Mini Beta 2

  1. Kaldath says:

    Well I hope you haven’t left town yet, cause trying to access the new Beta and get this error Message – Error 404 – Not Found

  2. Whit says:

    Me too.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Sorry, fixed. And with that I’m off!

  4. DJ says:


    There is a slight problem with the right arm. If you rotate it so the hand would be in the air you cant place it right and have to move the whole body.

  5. Luke says:

    I still think a way to input the angle you want the item to change to would be useful (unless there is one and im being really dense)

  6. Whit says:

    I tried to move a Right Glove item (it looks like a disc) to the top of the head, and it wouldn’t let me move it past the neck. My solution was to move the body and all the other elements down, so I could position the Right Glove item on the head, but it was an inelegant solution.

  7. Rick says:

    I tried to find it but the link does not take me to anything but Jeff’s comments… Help anyone?

  8. Kaldath says:

    Here is the URL for the New Beta .. Not sure why the link didn’t work for you …. http://www.heromachine.com/warrior-mini-beta-2/

  9. Rick says:

    I guess its my computer or something because it still takes me to the same page which is the last two paragraphs of Jeff’s comments above. Weird.

  10. Rick says:

    Actually, it is the whole story from above, just laid out differently. I have let it sit for a few minutes thinking it would appear but nothing. I guess I will stick with version 1 for now!

  11. Kaldath says:

    Hmm that’s wierd, The New Beta is suppose to ( and is for me ) right under Jeff’s comments .. Maybe you need to upgrade your version of flash player ?

  12. Rick says:

    aha! perhaps!

  13. Whit says:

    My first serious attempt with the mini. Being able to change the outline colour really helps to make pure-black elements.


  14. tristan says:

    its great pity about the add. you need to add a female body and more of the 2.5 items

  15. Ballin' Boy says:

    DJ I love that idea of making big arms, really cool and it looks good too

    Whit Good use of the insignias and sticking with the theme, you guys are good

    I don’t know if Jeff saw this yet but it seems that other than the facial hair, the slots that end up disappearing are the ones that are 2 pages or longer and the page is not filled up with items, so add more hehe.

    Is there a way to double mask? because I was trying to make a basketball, but I could only mask one thing to make the lines

    Oh and the very last item in the boots section is the same item in that slot as well as the item in the second to last slot (the thing that is like a boot lace or something)

  16. Rick says:

    Well Kaldath it wasn’t the flash player, it was actually my ad blocker on firefox. But thanks for the suggestion, I can play now!

  17. EnderX says:

    First item I tried messing with (Legwear), I’d picked a possible but wanted to look at more options. Since nothing on the second page looked interesting, I tried to push it back to the first page – nothing, the entire area was blank. Swapping to another item type (headgear) brought that sheet up, but attempting to go back to legwear just brought the blank sheet back up.

  18. DJ says:

    @ballin- No you can only mask one item at a time. A way to get around this is to have a multiple of the items you want to mask ON TO and make them transparent and then mask your items. The masked item will still show up.

  19. Ballin' Boy says:

    thanks DJ. Didn’t think of that. I’ll give that a try, I made a character of one of my favorite basketball players, Antonio Mcdyess. I did this when I saw one of the faces resembled his a little (1st in the second row, not exactly but pretty close) but couldn’t get the basketball so I just made an orange circle.

    Also I made one of those guys that has a big head and a small body, forgot what their called, but I think it’s cool.

    I’m a little iffy about creating accounts online for anything, so I don’t have an account with any image sites, but if anyone wants to try it, if you use the second item in the shoulder and flip it upside down and shrink it a little (or make the head bigger) you can make a mask

    I LOVE the JPG button, makes it easier to save, but you have to start over if you want to create the same character with modifications.

    Also is anyone else having the problem where you click on an item in the character and it sticks to the arrow? Or the mask creates like a square that cuts off long objects like the staff?

    And there’s arrows, but no bow? Welcome to the twilight zone

  20. Whit says:

    The JPG button works for you? I thought it was just a placeholder.

  21. Whit says:

    Oh, it’s working fine now.

    And here’s some experimenting with limbs and logos:


  22. Collex says:

    Is it just me, or are the pattern all mess up in this version. Especially on certain items.

  23. Jeff Hebert says:

    I didn’t change anything with the patterns on this one, just added the body parts. What’re you seeing, Collex?

  24. Eric says:

    Could you make a counter that shows the…degrees on the scale option?

  25. Fabien says:

    Possibilities are huge.
    – You can use a mask as a texture. And it’s very impressing.
    – You can make a “framed” mask like 90’s heroes with a belt and the facial hair 1.
    It’s a true madness.

  26. Jason says:

    Overall I like this a great deal. As Fabien says, the possibilities are HUGE with it. I am experiencing the same glitch as EndarX with the item screen going blank and not finding a way to bring it back.

    Also, I have a few requests if possible. First, you flip an item that has been set at an angle already and it comes out being inversed. Not sure if tthat is another clitch or an oversite or by design, but can be a bit annoying.

    Secondly, can the duplicate feature (thank you thank you thank you for that!) be set so it locks on to the specific catagories. i.e. you can have it on for headwear but off for hair, and when you switch between them it stays that way?

    Third, along the same line, can the on/off of the duplicate be a bit more obvious as to which is which? an x verses a check gets me confused sometimes. Could just be me being slow. How about just leaving the checkbox blank when the function is off?

    Finally, can a pop up warning asking if you are sure you want to delete ALL items come up when you click on that button? Had a few characters disappear on me when I hit it accidently trying to delete a single item.

    Otherwise, besides the occasional glitch and the lack of items which is to be expected in a beta program, I’m loving it.

  27. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Jason.

    In the final skinned version, I changed the Dupe button to actually have the words “Duplicates” and “No duplicates” or something to that effect, doing away with the checkbox and x-mark.

    I like your other ideas, unfortunately at this point we’re out of time for the mini. I’ve written them down for HM3 though.

  28. Jason says:

    Understand about time constraints and glad you liked them. I thought of two other suggestion that likewise will probably have to wait for HM3, but going to suggest anyway.

    First is different arm possitions would be nice. overall, I like this head on view better than the 3/4 view of HM2 but the arms can be combersome. You already have one other arm possiition located in the backpane catagory (would prefer it in body, but I understand why it’s located there) I understand the HUGE amount of work this would involve since that would mean a lot of items would need diferent versions drawn.

    Secondly, a button similar to HM2’s “keep item’s paired” that when selected would put two items up, the second automatically mirrored, and stays mirrored to the first no matter where it’s at. i.e. two arms so you could rotate and scale one and the other matches.

  29. Whit says:

    Don’t know if you’ll be able to read this way down here now, but it’s where I thought to put it. The palette would be greatly helped by more shades of blue.

  30. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Whit: I read all, I see all! I am … The BLOGMASTER!

    I have GOT to stop reading 1960’s Marvel Comics.

    I did add new colors to fill in the blanks, with a fairly wide mix. There are several new blues in there, including Steel Blue, Navy Blue, and a couple more as well as some Army type greens, more reds, etc.

  31. Ballin' Boy says:

    Thanks DJ for the ball, I think I might have to tweek it a little but overall I’d say you’re the one that BALLLLLLIN!