Warrior mini patterns

I spent the day today programming in the "patterns" for use in the upcoming Warrior Mini. Here's a screen shot of the ones I have so far:


If that's hard to see, they are fishnet/diagonals; hexagons; scales; rivets; and camouflage. The camo in particular is pretty neat. All of the patterns are semi-transparent lines & shades of gray, so the color you pick for the item in question comes through and tints the line. That way you can have green jungle camo pants, or sandy desert camo pants, or snow white and gray camo pants, etc. One drawback to that is, you can't directly change the color of the pattern, it relies on the color underneath it. So you can't, for example, make the actual rivets a different color from the shirt they're put on.

Another drawback is that you can either have the item serving as a mask or hosting a pattern, but not both. So for example, if you wanted the lightning bolts to be masked by the body (so you could get the off-shoulder look I had in a previous sample), you couldn't do that AND have a pattern on the body too. Well, you probably could if you had two bodies, one regular with the pattern on it, and another turned to be invisible serving as the mask for the lightning bolts. I assume Kaldath et. al. will be plumbing the depths of these sorts of things and showing me things I didn't think were possible 🙂

Anyway, I hope it's a good feature that will make the applet all that much more useful and fun.

By all means, please feel free to suggest other patterns you'd like to see, I've got room for at least two more, and I can resize the buttons to fit in as many as seem worthwhile.