Why this cover is awesome


This cover is awesome because the comic book issue it fronts for does not feature anyone on a motorcycle, nor a tank, nor an M-16, nor David Hasselhoff. It is misleading in every possible way, and that = awesome.

Plus, it has a story titled "Bombertrussel" which as anyone who speaks Finnodeutschish knows, means "exploding pastries". And I'm always up for some bombalicious pastry.

2 Responses to Why this cover is awesome

  1. William A. Peterson says:

    So, you consider blatant fraud to be cool?
    There may yet be a position (very temporary, of course) for you in the Bush Administration…

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Sometimes a fail can be epic enough to be awesome, yes. And since the Bush Administration will no longer have any jobs in a couple of months, I’ll pass on the employment option 🙂