Maybe Black Shoulder Wings would be a better name

I've always liked Yellowjacket's costume, but one part of it in particular has always driven me nuts:


Try to ignore the Flying Squat he's got going on in the illustration and focus on those shoulder pads. Er, wings. Imagine how this would work in real life. You've got gigantic black blinders on either side of your noggin, meaning you can only see what's directly ahead of you. Maybe that's why he's always teaming up with the android Avenger, Peripheral Vision.

So just from an optical physics point of view, this costume doesn't make much sense. But then I'm asked to believe that he uses these vision-blocking shoulder flaps to fly.


Look, I'm no ornithologist, but I'm pretty sure that you ain't gettin' off the ground by wrapping wings around your shoulders. Maybe Henry Pym should check with his wife Janet for proper flight-appendage placement, because my bet is that he built this costume while in one of his trademark drunken stupors.