Because nothing says "Macho Universe Destroying God" like a beer gut

As I mentioned in the Mashup credits, here’s a free tip for any of you comics industry bigwigs out there. If your project requires a scripter and a plotter, two pencillers, and three inkers, it’s going to suck. Witness “Trinity”, an unholy multi-space-going-comic-characters crossover featuring L.E.G.I.O.N., the Green Lantern Corps, and the Darkstars, with all of the cringe-inducing anticipation of crap you, the savvy reader, would expect.

What really caught my attention about this Space-Borne Spectacle of Suck, however, was the beer-belly-baring badness of Tzodar the Destroyer:


Here you can see just how large Tzodar's gut is by virtue of the unnamed hero getting unfortunately sucked into his belly button. Luckily, when you're a god you get to have the best fashion designers in the universe put together your outfits, which is why his armor has a convenient cut-out so his love handles can flop around in all their glory while he's busy destroying creation. "Oh no," I can hear you saying, "that's just an armor plate, not his stomach!" To which I can only reply, why do you hate America?

But that's not all this paragon of fashion has brought to the table my friends, oh no! Why stop at a Madonna-inspired midriff-baring ensemble when you can add a long, flowing pony tail and ridiculous cloud/stopwatch/what the hell is that?! logo to the mix!


Because nothing says "I'm a butch macho god" like a long greasy pony-tail and your ginormous bloated stomach hanging out of your shirt. At least that's what I've been assuming in my weekly jaunts to the local grocery store which, now that I mention it, might explain the strange looks and continued police presence I find there. A police presence which, frankly, would have been better off escorting those responsible for "Trinity" and Tzodar's outfit off to jail before they could have published this comic.

(Images from “Trinity”, No. 2, ©1993 DC Comics.)