Caption Contest 20: Pulp Edition

This week's Caption Contest is co-sponsored by "The EvilDM" (warning: some content not quite safe for work), Jeff Mejia, creator of the fantastic sword & sorcery / movie pulp adventure RPG system "Legends of Steel". He selected the following Conan panel as our jumping-off point this week. So after you come up with the funniest caption for it, thereby winning your own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like, head on over to Jeff's place and check out his great gaming commentary.


As always, here's how the contest works. Put your best funny caption that would fill the word balloon in the comments below, up to a maximum of three entries. Keep it relatively clean (i.e. suitable for a prime-time broadcast TV sitcom, only funnier). And that's about it! Here's an example:

Maybe next time I'll just fill out the comment card, but that meal really sucked ...

Good luck everyone, make the Two Jeffs (and Robert E. Howard!) proud.