Contest 17 Prize: Celtica

Niall Mor and I have finished his winning prize for Caption Contest 17, "Celtica":

Niall also has a web site, "It's All Straw", where he talks about a variety of topics, including super-hero stuff, so you might check it out when you get a chance. Odds are he'll post this image there too, along with a description of the character. For grins, here's the HeroMachine version of Celtica he sent me for reference:


Your chance to win your own custom illustration by yours truly is going on now in Caption Contest 19, so head on over and try out your creativity!

One Response to Contest 17 Prize: Celtica

  1. Niall Mor says:

    Thanks for posting Celtica in all her glory, Jeff! I’m thrilled with your rendering, as I knew I would be. I will indeed be posting her over at my place, and I’d also like to print out a copy of the image and color it myself (since I don’t know any professional colorists) as a keepsake.