Caption Contest 12 Prize

xStacy and I have completed the prize for the Caption Contest 12 winner. The description was:

Female, light hair, in standard gunslinger gear--boots, jeans, shirt, tied-down revolver, duster, a Confederate cavalry hat--with a fan of five cards in her left hand. Maybe facing off with a giant tarantula or two somewhere in the Arizona desert.

I wasn't able to work in the giant tarantulas, but here's what I did come up with:


Thanks to Stace for coming up with a cool concept. And don't forget, if you want to win your very own custom illustration, you can try your hand with Caption Contest 13: Naked Guy Edition going on right now!

4 Responses to Caption Contest 12 Prize

  1. Xstacy says:

    Thanks so much, I love it!

  2. DerKork says:

    Interesting and fascinating artwork.
    What else can one say?

  3. Niall Mor says:

    The writer in me wants to know what the story is behind this character. To me that’s one of the coolest things about HeroMachine. I can’t just make up a character. I have to make up just a little bit of story to go with them.

  4. Xstacy says:

    It’s my Deadlands hexslinger. I’m a gamer geek, what can I say?