Caption Contest 9 Winner!

The winner of Caption Contest 9 is ... BrokenSlot!


Many thanks to everyone who entered, I think this was probably the most challenging one to come up with something creative for so far. I think it was the mention of "Scrabble" that did it for me, I love that game. Other honorable mentions include:

Panel 1: “Legs”, what is this supposed to mean?!
Panel 2: The dog wanted to let you know that Angelina Jolie is behind you, but there was only so much room on the paper.

First Balloon: “Sweet suffering sherbert slices of sick psychopaths!!! Is that what I think it is?!”
Second Balloon: Yes! what Duke is holding IS the secret ingredient to my world famous baked beans! LEGS! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

1: hey look spots found the wining lotto ticket !
2: Sqweeeeeeeee !!! we can buy faces now!

Keep an eye out for the next caption contest, and your chance to win your very own custom black and white illustration!

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