Caption Contest 8 Winner!

The winner of Caption Contest 8 is ... Coyote!

I shall now do my Kirk impression. KKKKHHHAAAAAAAAANNN!!!!

I always was a sucker for that scene in "Wrath of Khan." Coyote has won a custom black and white illustration of his or her choice, drawn by yours truly. Thanks to everyone who entered; here are a couple of my favorite other entries:

First: The time is now…

I thought I was clicking on porn…
…but I got Rick-rolled!

Top Balloon: Just because I have this stinkin’ eyepatch, everyone thinks I’m a pirate: Captain Hook, Long John, Blackbead, Abraham Lincoln…
Bottom Balloon: MY NAME IS GREG!!!

If you want to win your very own professional custom illustration, keep an eye out for Caption Contest 9!