I guess Steak and Ale was taken?

I'm not going to claim that Jack Kirby got his ideas by looking at stuff on his desk, or from the remains of his hastily-heated discount noodle lunch. But I do wonder how much of his time was spent at bad steak joints while coming up with his scripts, because this:


Is "Sizzler". Yes, that's right, this electrically-charged flying slab of grill grease is named after a nationwide purveyor of seared cow flesh. Luckily, he's a villain. Hopefully after his thrashing at the hands of Silver Star he can get back to home base, the "Sirloin Stockade", and kick it old-school with his sidekick Shoney Big-Boy.

I can't get that scene from "White Men Can't Jump" out of my head, when Wesley Snipe's idiot friend keeps chanting "We goin' Sizzler, we goin' Sizzler!" after they win some money. This is a good case of a pretty decent looking character betrayed by a lame name. Would "Rocky" have been successful with the same script and actors if it were titled "Jackrabbit P. Fusslepott"? Certainly not!

And so Sizzler, despite springing from the pen of the great Jack Kirby, I mock thee.

4 Responses to I guess Steak and Ale was taken?

  1. Niall Mor says:

    Coulda been worse, I suppose. Jack-in-the Box? If he had a cowboy motif he could have been Western Sizzlin’ 🙂

  2. Niall Mor says:

    Sorry, my monomania is kicking in again. What’s the latest ETA on the downloadable version of HM 2.5?

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    It’s ok, you made a funny comment on the first one so you get one off-topic question free 🙂

    I’ve actually sent the complete 2.5 edition to UGO for posting, which ought to be up any day now. Once that’s posted and we have a week or so for any bugs to get reported, I’ll recompile it into the Desktop Edition. So end of this week, middle of next week, we should have it ready.

  4. BrokenSlot says:

    Hehehehe… I know a grill called Kirby’s Grill or something with Kiby’s in it… Have yet to check the menu for the Sizzler yet the next time I go, I will have that in mind. Other than this guy’s name making me hungry, I wonder what chance he will have against KC Master of Pieces. (yummmm, KC Masterpiece…)