Write Your Own Caption Contest!

UPDATED: This contest is now closed, and the winner is Hades! You can see the final panel here; thanks for the great entries, everyone. If you want to try again, Caption Contest 2 is now underway!

How would you like to show the world how smart and witty you are, be entitled to call yourself (in whatever minor way) a comic book writer, AND win your very own drawing, all at the same time? Thanks to the Miracle of Science, now you can!

Here's how it works.

Look at the following panel from an actual published comic book and write new dialog. Leave your entry (or entries) in the comments to this post, and next Tuesday I'll pick the best one. The winner will get a free black and white illustration from me -- nothing too fancy, nothing too involved, but the kind of thing you might find as a spot drawing in a gaming book, for instance.

Entries can be smart, snide, snarky, silly, or any other "s" adjective you can name. There should be dialog for each word or thought balloon, and you need to identify which character is saying what. For instance:

Priest: Ah, I see you've discovered the new "Automatic Penance Dispenser Mark 5!"
Armored-up Hero Guy: Why yes, Father John, and I now see how wrong it was of me to make fun of that OB/GYN yesterday, these stirrups are rough!
Priest: That's great, but by all that's holy please don't tell me what that silver rod in your hand is for ...

Make Your Own Caption 1

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! And please, write like it's for broadcast TV (only, you know, good) -- no blatant sexual stuff, no "Nine words you can't say on TV", no hate speech, etc.

(Image and characters ©1996, DC Comics, Inc., "Firebrand", issue 2.)