Villain with a slice of lime

I like a villain who starts out cold and refreshing, and finishes smooth. A villain who looks great as-is, but even better with a slice of lime. A villain you can kick back on the beach watching the sun go down with while swaying in a hammock. A villain like Dos Equis ("That's DOCTOR Double X to you, pal!"):

Double X

My favorite part of this beer-themed villain is that the actual Double X is an invisible energy being given life when the original Single X went nutso. Invisible friends? Check. Maniacal leer? Check. Insanity? Check. Yeah, this guy is definitely based on beer. Other super powers? Powerful projectile vomiting, devastatingly inappropriate remarks to nubile coeds, and the ability to crash on anyone's couch at a moment's notice.

(Character and image ©1985, DC Comics, Inc., from "Who's Who" volume VI.)

2 Responses to Villain with a slice of lime

  1. William A. Peterson says:

    Now, Jeff, that’s just unfair…
    The guy who came up with this character had probably never even heard of Mexican Beer!
    He’s not a *great* villain, but he’s tougn, and nowhere near as goony as some of them!
    {Remember the Green Lantern villain, The Shark? GL had problems with him because he was protected by…
    an Invisible Yellow Force Field?}

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes, to my shame I was a HUGE Green Lantern fan back in the day, and it bugged me that anything invisible could be yellow. I mean, it’s INVISIBLE! As far as I know, invisible doesn’t have a color, or it’d be, you know … visible.

    Double X isn’t a bad character by any means, but I can never pass up a good beer joke.