Better hands

One of the objectives for the HeroMachine Expansion was to provide a way to get the figure's hands in different positions. It always bothered me that even when holding a gun, when you'd expect a trigger finger to be extended, the character still was shown with a fist. I also wanted you to be able to show the hands splayed, as if they were getting ready to throw firebolts or whatnot. To that end, I introduced a skin with no hands at all, so you could affix other items to the end of the forearm without having to worry about covering up the clenched fist that's there by default on the body. It's the last item in the "Skin-Expansion1" set, and it looks like this:

HeroMachine no hands skin

To go along with this skin, the Right/Left Hand Expansion 1 sets also contain items that have hands integrated into them, so they look more natural. You'll find a hand holding a pipe, some cards, a protester's sign, a hand with the index finger in trigger position, and more. I put together an image that uses the "no hands" skin and two of the integrated hand-held items to give you an example of how they might work together:

HeroMachine Hands Expansion

Since the basic pose can't change (too many items depend on its exact positioning), shifting the hands around is a good way to add a bit of life and differentiation to your character. If you find yourself with one of these integrated items in the right hand, but nothing in the left but a stump (or vice versa), you can also choose a glove that will do as a stand in if you prefer not to use the blank one provided in the expansion component set.