How to draw Batman quick and dirty

Batman Doodle - completeHeroMachine is meant for people who can't draw very well themselves, but I always encourage people to try! Having fun, quick little doodles you can knock out is a good way to improve your confidence and impress your friends. Well, maybe not your friends, because they probably know you too well to be impressed, but you get the idea. Like drawing Killroy or knowing how to make a barn-door farmhouse without picking up your pencil, this quick and simple Batman doodle should be something fun for you. As much as possible, I tried to make it so that anyone who can draw letters can draw the figure. Enjoy!

Batman Doodle 1
Batman Doodle 2
Batman Doodle 3
Batman Doodle 4
Batman Doodle 5
Batman Doodle 6
Batman Doodle 7
Batman Doodle 8
Batman Doodle 9
Batman Doodle 10

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