New Expansion Items are LIVE!

I am happy to announce that the new expansion items from Mark Shute are now LIVE in the first and second male, and first female, body templates! This update includes most of what you see in Mark's preview, for a rough new item count of 300 or so. All are located in the Expansion1 set of each component, usually at the end. We've got dozens of new guns, new shields, beard styles, gloves, you name it, so check it out today!

And as always, thanks to the nice people at UGO, these new Expansion items are yours absolutely free.

(01-21-08, edited to add)

The expansion items will be available for free download in the Desktop Edition once all of the items are available for all six bodies. Until then, there's no point in putting up a new 45+MB package that people are going to have to download over and over with each tweak. At this point the expansion is still in "beta"; once it's completely done, it'll be put into a downloadable format.

4 Responses to New Expansion Items are LIVE!

  1. Peter N Martin says:

    The expansion items are fantastic, but one minor issue: some of ’em aren’t working. The minigun, the new long, pointed beard, and a couple of others don’t show up on screen when selected.

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks Peter. I know about the beards, and have sent UGO updated files which hopefully will be updated on Monday for those. Which gun is it exactly that is broken?

  3. Peter N Martin says:

    The minigun; you know the one that looks like they gun used by this guy:

    Sorry to use a link to a video to get my point across, but at least it’s entertaining. The item in question only shows up in the lefthand slot, but doesn’t work when clicked on.

  4. Jenette says:

    So where do we go to download the expansion for heromachine 2?