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Atomic Girl

atomicgirlI was indulging my latest weird past time this morning by watching other people play games (seriously, what's up with that?!) on Twitch.TV and came across a fun new streamer playing Fallout 4 (my other latest addiction) named Atomic Girl. She recognized the name and had very kind things to say about HeroMachine, which was both surprising and flattering!

It turns out she makes really cool dieselpunk and steampunk stuff, so if that's your jam check out her shop or visit her on Facebook.

Good luck with your Twitch career, Atomic Girl!

Creators Club Entries Closed (Again)

Hopefully for good this time.

Anyway, I'm no longer accepting entries for the Creators Club Poster for this year. If you haven't got your entry to me, that's too bad. Due to the circumstances, if/ when Stulte does get back to me I'll send over any entries I have to him so we can have a proper poster for this year with everyone in it. Otherwise, I'll try to have the poster up some time next week.

Thanks for your patience and co-operation with this, the situation wasn't ideal, but oh well.

JR out.

Creators Club: Update

Hi guys, JR here.

Ok, so, quick run down on what's going on here. After the entries for the poster closed, Stulte (who was putting the poster together this year) and myself agreed on a timeframe for when the poster was to be finished and posted, which was to be the following week. Later that week Stulte emailed me and asked for an extension, as he wasn't able to work on the poster due to his not feeling well. I've since emailed him asking for an update and haven't yet received a reply. Now, as much as I don't want to have to do this, I feel it's unfair on you guys who entered stuff for this years poster if you don't get to see a poster, even if it's not the one originally intended, so at this point I'm going to take over putting the poster together.

Now, first problem with this is I don't have any of the entries, as they were all sent to Stulte. There are a few that have been posted on the forums and deviantart that I can get to easily but I think what would be best is for everyone to re-submit their entries (still within the original submission rules which I will post below). As I'm not asking for you to actually create a character this time I'm only going to give you guys a week to resubmit your entries, so next Tuesday (7th) is it.

The rules for submission are as follows:

1. Your entry must be in .png format. You must title it in standard contest entry style i.e. Username- Creators Club Poster (for example I would title mine JR19759- Creators Club Poster). Don’t screenshot the picture and send that in, export it as a .png please. If possible export it with a transparent background, because this makes putting the poster together easier.

2. You MUST include the text for your entry. Mandatory. This is incase Stulte needs to re-export any of the files in a bigger or smaller format. You can include it as an attachment in the email or just paste it into the email, but you have to have the text accessible.

3. Your email has to be titled something applicable to the Creators Club, so its easy to recognise as not-spam.

And if you could send it to me at

Sorry about this guys. At this point I want to get this done rather than have it sitting around not getting done. Thanks for the co-operation.

JR out.

Pop Quiz Winner!

While I loved Cliff's entry, I have to give the win to HerrD for his very creative, and fairly creepy, entry . Normally I can't handle clowns, but I love this guy!


Pop Quiz Winner

Congrats dreadyacht. Made me giggle.


No Anime Talk this week

I'm sorry guys, but all this week I haven't really been feeling well. I should be better by next week though.

Creators Club Entries NOW CLOSED

Ok guys, submissions for this years Creators Club are now closed. Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in this time out. The poster will be up sometime next week, once Stulte has finished it.

Update On Me!

Hello Machiners,

Just wanted to write this to let you all know I am still alive and kicking! I am mostly recovered and should be back to posting things again soon. If not for the Blizzard that hit my area this past weekend I would have likely already been back but the storm gave me a little set back. The storm itself hurt me and then shoveling my car out from 2 feet of snow  on 3 separate occasions to get back and forth from work didn't help matters either! I believe that  I will likely stop posting the Choose your Own Adventure Wednesday posts and just stick to random Kaldath's Corner and Anime Talk posts for the time being, at least  until I am certain I can begin posting on a regular schedule again. At that time I will decide what my normal weekly post will be, your suggestions are welcome but I make no guarantee on those suggestions being used.

Anyway I just wanted to keep you all updated on my status and I hope to e able to have something up and posted this weekend. Thinking of doing some first impression reviews on some of the new 2016 anime that has been released in the last couple weeks! Lots of good shows to talk about!

Creators Club Final Reminder

Hey guys, your friendly neighbourhood Creators Club reminder-man here, just letting you know that you have one more week to get your submissions in for this years poster before the deadline on Feb 1st. You can find the rules and other submission information here.

That is all.

JR out.

Premium Member Update

Tonight I made a major change in how Premium Memberships are handled. Basically the old plugin failed miserably, and I had to replace it. Getting everything converted over has been a pretty big headache and I'm not at all sure I have it working properly.

So, if you are a Premium Member subscriber and you aren't able to log in or get into the no-ads, full-sized versions of HeroMachine in the Premium Member Area, please contact me directly and let me know. I'll need your HeroMachine user name and the email you use for the PayPal payments.

I apologize for any frustration the transition causes and I'll do my best to sort it all out as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!