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Suicide Squad Trailer – Comic Con

Doctor Who Series 9 Yay & Nay

So, the first preview of the up coming series 9 of Doctor Who has been unveiled, so therefore I must give my opinions on what I want to see or do not want to see in the up coming series, as I did last year. Only this year, I’ve only got 3 points each instead of 5, because we’ve had a series to get used to how the new style of the show is, so therefore less to really talk about. Enjoy.

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Cosplay Done Right!


Kaldath’s Caption Contest #68: Results

Due to the low turn out for last weeks caption contest I am just going to make this a quick post and name the winner, which is ………….


Katmir Stone 

 “Hurry up, Lois! Supes just challenged Darkseid to a dance-off!”

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canuck Machiners!


Happy Birthday to the land of butter tarts, peameal bacon, beaver tails and poutine!

Pop Quiz Winner

So this is a bad situation to be in; I would rather have two hundred entries and have to pick a winner, than to have only two options. Basically because one person will win and the other will not. (The Canadian in me has trouble using the word l-l-l-lose!)

Anyway here we go…


First we have Worf’s “super” take on the character; awesome colour blocking…


…and then another JLA take on the brief by Keric. Great idea and also very well realized.

So here is the part that makes me feel like a dick. (Although calling it a tie would make me feel more like a dick.)

This week’s winner is….Worf. Great job and congratulations.

Caption Contest Results Postponed

Hey Folks, I am sorry I am not going to be judging the Caption contest today and will try and get it done tomorrow morning, I have been in a sort of insomniac haze today. I am tired but can’t sleep and really need to get a few hours in before I go to work tonight. If by some chance I can’t get to the Judging until next week I will put up both the results and a new contest. Once again sorry for the delay.

Just a Little Excited…

Doing my first on set call for Suicide Squad tonight. Outfitting the masses!

DC – Legends of Tomorrow – Coming this fall

Kaldath’s Corner: SuperGirl on the Small Screen

Saw this today on twitter and thought I would share it with you fine folks. CBS has posted this on their Youtube page and I think it looks like a great show from what can been seen here!