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No Kaldath Character Challenge This week

The last few weeks have seen a decline in the participation of my Character redesign challenge so I figure I would give it a break for a  week or two. Perhaps people are too busy working on FNF entries ? ( I hope so as that isn’t looking all the good at the moment either ) .. Regardless the challenge will be back next week, or the week after, until then happy Machining!

Creators Club Poster 2014

Ok guys, I’ve finished putting together this years Creators Club poster. First, I’d like to thank all the creators who entered, seeing all your work was really awesome. Sorry, a few people didn’t send me the text files for their entries so they didn’t end up on the poster (I struggled to fit everyone on as it is).

You might want to open it in a new tab to see it in more detail. Funny thing is, the poster was much bigger than it ended up whilst I was creating it, something must have got compressed during the export, so sorry about that.

If anyone else wants to do next years poster, I’m ok with that, but otherwise I’ll try to come up with an interesting theme for this time next year.

Caption Contest Results to be posted later!

I am sorry that I haven’t gotten the caption contest results posted up yet, there have been a few personal issues that have cropped up lately in my life that are distracting me a little bit and I totally forgot about the contest last night. I will Look over the entries here in a little bit and post the result sometime this evening!

Creators Club Final Reminder

Hi guys, your friendly neighbour-hood Creators Club reminder man here. Just to let you know that you only have one week left to submit your entries for this years Creators Club poster. Now I have had quite a few submissions already, but I still think we can do better. So keep ‘em comin’.

You can find any further information here:

Remember, this only happens once a year, so if you want to be immortalised forever as part of the HM community for this year, make sure you enter.

JR out.



Hey, Heromachiners! I’d just like to introduce you all to my pet project:

(drum roll, please)

Alternate universes!

Of course…well…not actual alternate universes, but this universe is an outlet of my ideas for superhero-scifi/fantasy. It’s like DC, or Marvel…! …sort of… Continue reading

Post Error: Contest Mix up

Last night when I was writing my post for today I was exhausted and got confused causing me to accidentally end the caption contest two days early instead of posting the Character redesign challenge winner. I was going to correct that and take down my post however the website had issues with it being down all day. SO I most apologize  to you all for ending the caption contest earlier then I stated. I have been giving some though of switching the two around any, so from this point going forward the caption contest will be on Tuesdays, and the Character Re-design ( or poll position if I go back to them ) will be on Wednesdays. Once again I am sorry for today’s mix up!

Creators Club Reminder

Hey guys, just a reminder that, if you haven’t already, you can still submit entries for this years creators club poster. I’ve had a few entries already, but I’d still like more.

You can find the entry requirements and other info here:

To everyone who has submitted stuff already, thanks. However, I am still waiting for text from one person (CantDraw, I’m looking at you here), so anyone who is thinking of submitting stuff, take this as a warning, if I don’t get text by the shut off date of Feb 5th, you won’t be in the poster, which would be a shame.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say, so JR out.

Caption contest Delay

I am going to delay the caption contest this week by a day or two as I am dealing with a great deal of weather related pain today. I have taken something for the pain and now can barely keep my eyes open to write this let alone track down and edit a photo to be captioned.  Sorry for the delay but I hope to have it up tomorrow.

The Big Question ♯24

Last week we covered why Wolverine is so popular, now it’s Spidey’s turn. And that puts me in a bit of a corner, because I can’t actually write a counter argument against him. I’ve been trying all week to come up with good arguments as to why Pete shouldn’t be as popular as he is. The only decent one I could think of was the rubbish things Marvel have done with him on occasion (The Clone Saga, Civil War & Superior Spider-Man for example), but these are occasional lapses. Ok, they’ve all been terrible, but that’s because Marvel have been heavily misguided in their approach during these periods. So what I’m going to do instead is say why I think Spiderman is one of the best superheroes. If you intend to comment on why you think Spiderman is so popular, can you skip the next bit, write your comment and then read, I want to hear peoples honest opinions without them being influenced by what I say.

Continue reading

Creators Club 2014

Hey guys, JR here. I don’t know if you guys remember but last year and in 2011 (don’t know what happened to 2012) Hammerknight and Atomic Punk did Heromachine Creators Club posters, which you can check out here- (2011) and here- (2013). Now, it would be nice if this became an annual thing, so I’m going to be doing it this year.

Now, the theme for this year is MiB (‘Machiners in Black). Now Marx has recently provided everyone with a fine selection of suits, so there can be no excuses for sloppy dressing. Just make a self portrait (either realistic or idealised, it doesn’t matter) of yourself in a black suit (sunglasses and other accessories optional) or a black dress if you’re female and don’t want to be wearing a suit. You don’t have to do anything fancy, basic forward facing pose without any zypping will do fine, but I must insist on no backgrounds. When you are finished email your entry to me as a PNG transparent file WITH A TEXT FILE (preferably as a word document, don’t paste the text into the email) so I can resize characters for consistency. Send your entries to me at Please make sure you title the email something applicable like Creators Club or Machiners In Black, because if I get a (No Subject) email from an email address I don’t recognise, it’s going straight into my spam folder and you won’t get to be on the poster.

Only one entry per person and please try to limit the number of revisions you do, because it’s more than likely I’ll just use the first one you send me. Please name your file as [your name]-[character name].[file extension] before you e-mail it. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his “Bayou Belle” character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png. He would save the Text as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.txt.

I will be accepting submissions from today through to Feb 5th and I’ll reveal the final poster sometime in February. This event is open to everyone in the community, you don’t have to be especially prolific or be a power user or anything, just being a part of the heromachine community is enough.

And finally, remember this is not a contest, it’s just a bit of fun to showcase the community and its members, so have fun with it.