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New Guardians Of The Galaxy Cartoon

Apparently Marvel is releasing a new Animated Version of the Guardians of The Galaxy to air on Disney XD.

The Big Question: Comic Book Art

So, I don’t know if everyone has been reading all of the comments for this weeks CDC, but there has been some discussion (amongst the obvious definitions of when certain “ages” of comics start/ end) between myself and William Peterson about the merit of modern comic book art styles. WillyPete hates them, judging by his comments, whereas I, who has grown up with this sort of art being the norm, quite like them. So I want to get your guys opinion on it. Do you like the art style of modern comics, or do you prefer the older silver/ bronze age art styles?

For the sake of ease we’ll define Silver Age as the 1960′s, Bronze Age as 1970′s and the Modern Age as post 2000, just to clear up any confusion and to make sure we don’t go into the 90′s hate again, because we can all agree that was mostly rubbish and anyway that’s not what I’m talking about.

Also, if you guys want me to make this an on-going weekly blog post again like it was last summer, I’m open to it. I’ve got one, maybe two ideas for questions, but if you want to make suggestions, I will take those into consideration.

Anyway, JR out.

HM3: You Winking At Me in Your Scary Mask? (Prizes!)

I present to you a helmet/mask requested by Extremely Epic and closed eyes requested by Stulte for their contest prizes. The helmet pieces can be found in Headgear/Military and the eyes can be found in Eyes/Standard.


“Holy just in time for Christmas Batman!”


A Brief Review: Transformers:Age of Extinction


Well that pretty much covers how I feel about the latest craptastic mess brought to us by the disturbingly successful Michael Bay. Share your brief review…even if you liked it!

Happy Canada Day!






A very Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canuck Machiners!

Kaldath’s Caption Contest #30 – Result

Last week I asked you all to give me your best replacement dialogue for the following image:


Skybandit: CB - So these springs on my gloves hold up the dress?

Shadow - Actually, it’s the Comics Code Authority that does that!


ALast: CB – And you REALLY think 4 colors in my hair look good?”



EnderX: CB - “I’m confused. Am I supposed to be Miss Britain, or Miss France?”

Shadow - “Neither. The title is ‘Pan-Europa’ now.”


Calvary_Red: CD -  “What’s wrong guys? Wait, there’s a bad guy sneaking up on me, isn’t there?”

Shadow - “Curses, I’ve been discovered!”


Calvary_Red: CB - “And we will call this land, ‘New Britain.’”

Shadow - “I’d rather call it, YOUR GRAVE!”

And the winner is …………….

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Pop Quiz Winner-Friday the 13th

Great entries this round, and the delay was due to the fact that I just could not make up my mind.


Vectorman-Love the colour combination and the ethnic vibe.


Nug – absolutely creepy – reminds me of a leather death mask.


HerrD – bloody wonderful – the spike detail is a nice touch.


PMD – Well composed – harkens back to a lost civilization – nice job.


Roguejak – The tribal skull image is very creative and very well done.


Stinger – killer clowns are so creepy! Reminds me of Pennywise. Good job.


Cliff – always been fascinated by Oni, and this is beautifully done.

So a winner huh?…

This week I have to go with Nug. While I also loved Vectorman’s and Cliff’s entries, the very idea of coming face to face with Nug’s mask is just too scary!


Please join me in congratulating Nug, and thanks to all those who entered.

Pop Quiz Winner – Walk On The Wild Side

Ian Thomas Healy Vampyrist-Shrike supergrover  Snow Eagle=Worf SkybanditRedRaptor-vi SoulDoubt-Mariposa_zps515b6860Nug-The-Blue-Hedgehog livewyre-terrierpng_zps4912b21d HerrD-JellyfishAtTheGallery_zpsc8138728 dark_falcon_by_roguejak-d7las2h Blue-bird

Great work guys! So much creativity and imagination. In the past, Atomic Punk would give a critique of the entries. If you would like me to offer a critique in future Pop Quizzes let me know. I am totally willing to do so, but would prefer not to launch into it without polling the room. Anyway, after boiling this down to a top three, and thinking about it more than I thought I would have to, the winner is…


The Terrier by Livewyre

Please join me in congratulating Livewyre, and thanks to all who entered.

Check it out!

Dedicated to the redesign of superhero costumes. Some brilliant art, and some contest potential.