Power User Profiles: Nug

I did say I had something special planned right?

I've decided to bring back the Power User Profiles for a short run because there are a few members of the community I wanted to profile, starting with todays Power User. A personal favourite of mine and one of the forum members I interact with most regularly, he's made numerous contest polls, even winning on of the most hard fought and competitive polls this year, CDC80- Steampunk (still don't understand why you didn't pick that one as your favourite pic man, but it's your call I guess). So ladies and gentlemen, please give a big hand for Nug.

Online Username: Nug

Origin of Name: I picked the name up in high school. 
It refers to what I usually had on me at the time. 😉 Oh to be young again!

Photo of you in real life:

Real life name: Adam Standard

Real City/ Country/ State: I live in the states: Anderson S.C.

Real Age: 29

Real Job: I'm a Jack of all trades... Master of none.

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Married with Four children.

Online Archive of your creations:
    Hero Machine stuff: http://www.heromachine.com/forums/topic/nugs-creations/ or nugarius.deviantart.com
    Photoshop Stuff: http://buddas-axe.deviantart.com/
    Star Wars, Jedi Academy Skins: http://jkhub.org/files/file/1979-nugs-skins/

Favorite Artwork:
CN - Gorilla

Favorite Geeky Movie: The Goonies. I know, I know... I'm an old fart.

Favorite Geeky Tv Show: Right now I'm really liking "Scorpion", "The Big Bang Theory", "Through The Worm Hole w/ Morgan Freeman",
"Ancient/Monumental Mysteries" and Doc McStuffins.
Favorite Comic Book Character: The Incredible Hulk

If You Could Have One Super-Heroic Power In Real Life: Just one?? Ah man. 
I'm gonna have to go with the ability to turn invisible. Just think of all the fun and shenanigans a person such as myself could get into. 😉

In Your Leisure Time: Haha... what leisure time?? 
I love doing all sorts of things. I love drawing, music, gardening and landscaping, catching a college football game on Saturdays (Go Dawgs), fishing, working in my wood shop, hanging out with my people,
Hero Machine, video games, Youtube, bon fires,  quiet nights on the couch with my wife, hiking in the mountains, and sand castles at the beach. I love rocks and gemstones, working on cars, fabricating axes and wicked knives, swords, daggers, etc... and just generally creating something. 
A day is never wasted if you can learn something new, or make something awesome!

Character Design Turn-Ons: Great posing and item usage.
I love it when I can browse through a gallery and get to that piece that makes you go "Whuuuuut??? How did they pull that off?".

Character Design Turn-Offs: I'm not too picky and I try to find something I like in everyone's work. I guess what turns me off... Lack of style. Straight forward poses with items and gear put where they were actually designed to go. Eh... C'mon people. Show me how you can make a mask out of boots, or wings out of machine guns. Think outside of the box.

Any Personal Message You’d Like To Share With The Hero Machine Community About Geek Life: Hmmm... Geek Life, Jock life, Goth, Redneck, Emo... Labels do not truly matter in life.
Be yourself... Unless you can be Batman. Then definitely be Batman. Live life to its fullest and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Some of the best things happen in life when you take a chance. Take the good with bad and learn from both. And love... with all your heart... love.
(Gonna end it with a "Fight Club" quote... here goes) "Let that which does not matter truly slide."

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