Flash Ka-Rack would be a good band name

I have a second great example of OnomontoPOWia from the pages of Flash number 131: The camera angle here is great, giving you a street-level view of the impending collapse. The rendering on the building is perfect as well, with the dramatic vertical lines drawing the eye up to the falling corner, further heightening the… [ Read more … ]

A post with kick

In honor of “OnomontoPOWia Friday”, I bring you a series of kicks to the crotch. Some of these you have seen here before and some are new, but I think we can all agree that any blow to the boys is fun, no matter what. Enjoy. And finally, when fighting for your life in a… [ Read more … ]

Frozen moments and sound

A good onomontoPOWia doesn’t have to be flashy or obnoxious; sometimes subtle works better, as in this example from “Hitman” number 9 (DC Comics): This panel encapsulates a lot of what makes comics as a medium so powerful and unique. It captures the moment of maximum effect incredibly well, by which I mean that you… [ Read more … ]

OnomontoPOWia meets onomatopoeia

In actual English, onomatopoeia means both “a word with way too many vowels in a row” and “the formation of a word, as cuckoo or boom, by imitation of a sound”. Changing that to onomontoPOWia eliminates excess vowels from the concept (which, given the critical shortage of vowels in many former Eastern Bloc nations is… [ Read more … ]


When you’ve got Carnivorous Humanoid Underground Dwellers in your pants, believe me, you welcome getting kicked in the junk by a hot chick in spiked heels: Although given the fact that the underpants carnivores like the taste of human flesh, I think it would have been more polite for her not to mention biting. But… [ Read more … ]

Good onomontoPOWia — the ice cracketh

I tend to mockery on this blog, but I only kid because I love comics so much. Oh, and I’m a jerk. BUT I do think it’s important to recognize examples of good work from time to time, and it’s in that spirit that I offer up this page from “The Flash” #116: A giant… [ Read more … ]

An onomontoPOWia twofer

As if having to marry Deanna Troi wasn’t punishment enough, Worf the Klingon now has the dubious “honor” of having his very own onomontoPOWia: While I am sure it’s nice to be memorialized, I have to wonder if having your name be the embodiment of the sound of a giant, gas-filled fat guy exploding is… [ Read more … ]

The Sounds of Bondage

James Bond scores with so many women, even his sound effects are filled with sexual innuendo. I think it’s pretty clear that “Swut” is really “Slut”: “Skankt” is just plain ol’ “Skank”: And while James probably doesn’t speak Yiddish, I think it’s clear what this sound effect is all about: James Bond, License to Love…. [ Read more … ]

Crappy sound effect?

This onomontoPOWia from “Jack Kirby’s Teen Agents” will surely rank as one of the all-time greats ever given to a grateful humanity: Yes, that’s “BA-THROOM”, as in the sound of your local toiletry exploding in a fiery, drawing-filled, white-outlined concussion of methane-fueled fury. I don’t know what might cause the “BE-DROOM!” effect, but I’d darn… [ Read more … ]

My name is CHUK!

Now here’s a neat science fact — if you kick a man (like camo-clad terrorist Chuk here) in the junk, said junk will shout his name: I tried this myself, learning that my name is actually pronounced “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” and should be said in a very, very high voice.