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HM3 Save Dialog Bug Fix

Earlier today I changed a setting for how ads are displayed in HM3. In a word, it was broken before — ads weren’t clickable in most of the major browsers. So I changed the stacking order of the app and the ad and now the ads actually function. Hooray! Before they were just annoying without actually generating revenue but now they do both!

Unfortunately that introduced several problems, one of which was the cancel button on the Save dialog box was obscured by the ad. That’s been fixed now (you might have to clear your browser cache).

The other major problem is that the ads also show on the full-screen preview. I don’t know how to fix that but I’ll start working on it tomorrow.

Friday Night, Just Got Laid … Off

I just wanted to give y’all a heads-up that I got laid off from my regular job today. On the one hand, obviously that sucks. But on the other hand, I am leaning pretty seriously towards making HeroMachine my full-time obsession once again. Ad revenue has gone way up over the last few months, to the point that it’s a viable option.

I haven’t decided for sure yet. But if that’s the way I go, that means hopefully more app improvements like finally finishing out all the left-right item sets and such.

Thanks again to all of you for your long-time and continued support of me and the site. I’ll keep you posted about how things go, any decisions made, etc.

Doggone Super-Heroes

This is one of our five dogs, Trinket, in her super-hero identity “The Scarlet Shepherd”. Why did I do this? Much more on this topic to come next week!


Book cover design prize?

Hi all, your nearly-absentee-owner Jeff here with a quick question.

I’m thinking of running a Facebook contest designed to get more likes, increase the pool of people using HeroMachine beyond the traditional, and increase incoming links. The idea would be to have people use HM3 to make a portrait of a character from a novel, novella, or short story collection they have written. The winner would get to have a cover for that product designed and illustrated by yours truly, much like I’ve done for Ian Thomas Healy’s “Just Cause” books.

Is that something you think would be of interest?

I imagine even if you haven’t written a book yourself, it might be fun to have one for a book idea you’ve had.

Anyway, I’m throwing it open to comment, please let me know what you think (good, bad, or indifferent).

I’m Podcasted!

ep110I had my first ever audio interview with the great folks at “Creative Commoners”, in an episode airing today. We talked about all things HeroMachine, with featured shout-outs to Kaldath, Hammerknight, DiCicatriz, MSchute, and more. I hope you check it out and if you do, please let me know what you think. It turns out talking about yourself for an hour is pretty intimidating, but luckily the hosts were all funny, kind, and professional and I ended up having a really good time.

Whatever happened to that bald guy?

AMS sent an inquiry to Kaldath asking what happened to me and what the future of HeroMachine is. So I thought I should duck in to wave and update you all.

The update is, there is no update :-)

I’ve got a full time job and travel every two weeks between Austin, TX and Durango, CO. That doesn’t leave me with a lot of time or energy for much else, so I don’t work on HeroMachine much. I still intend to convert all the left-only items to right, but after that I’ll probably consider HM3 done. I don’t foresee any new items coming out — what you’ve got now is likely all there will ever be.

After that, I honestly don’t know. I’ve been tossing around various ideas but nothing has really gelled yet. HeroMachine 2 continues to generate an order of magnitude more revenue from ads than any other version, so the financial motivation to do more isn’t there.

For now I’m content to let things continue to coast. People are still making awesome characters, Kaldath & Krew are doing a great job with the blog postings, and I’ve got my hands full with everything else in my life. So for the foreseeable future, the status quo will remain.

Hope that’s not too much of a disappointment for everyone. I appreciate your interest and continue to be be honored that you all continue to hang out and create.

New Blog Topic Ideas

I’m not going to do the Monday Night Movie Club this week, because it hasn’t been getting much interest over the last few weeks. Instead I thought I’d take this opportunity to try out some ideas for new blog topics. I’ve made a list of things I think could work, which I’ll explain after the jump, and you guys can vote for which one you like best or add your own suggestions.

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Open Thread

Open thread today, talk about anything you want to.

Happy Birthday, Hammerknight!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to our own Hammerknight. Thanks for all you do around here, buddy, and I hope you have a great one!

Open Thread #H1

I am having a open thread day for today. Due to some health problems I am going to have to cut the contest and challenges down to one per week. I really hate to do this. The last few Share Days have done really good, so I am thinking about posting more of them during the week. Isia and I can set the topics up to post during the week. I want to use today for everyone to give me ideas for topics. I want to have the topic to play hand in hand with Hero Machine. This way people can design characters for the topics and share them. A good example would be yesterday’s Share Day Topic about fantasy races, you could post what you believe they should look like. So let’s hear your ideas.