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Open Thread

Open thread today, talk about anything you want to.

Happy Birthday, Hammerknight!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to our own Hammerknight. Thanks for all you do around here, buddy, and I hope you have a great one!

Open Thread #H1

I am having a open thread day for today. Due to some health problems I am going to have to cut the contest and challenges down to one per week. I really hate to do this. The last few Share Days have done really good, so I am thinking about posting more of them during the week. Isia and I can set the topics up to post during the week. I want to use today for everyone to give me ideas for topics. I want to have the topic to play hand in hand with Hero Machine. This way people can design characters for the topics and share them. A good example would be yesterday’s Share Day Topic about fantasy races, you could post what you believe they should look like. So let’s hear your ideas.

Marvel #1 Offers 700 digital comics for FREE



I just learned of this a few minutes ago and figured I’d share it with our community here. Marvel Comics announced at SXSW that they are giving away free 700 first issue titles until March 12th ( tomorrow ) So go take a look and see if there is anything you’d like to give a try for free.

Open Thread: Anything Is Possible!



HammerKnight was unable to do his usually Open Critique post today and since I am not very good at doing so myself I have decided to post an open thread instead. Leave an image for others in the community to critique if you wish, or discuss anything of interest to you in this thread. The possibilities are endless so long as you adhere to the rules of the site. Happy Posting!!!

More Hall of Fame nominees

I’d like to add some more illustrations into the Hall of Fame, so I invite all of you to submit one nominee in the comments. But the trick is, you can’t nominate yourself! Just add a link to the person’s best illustration and why you think it’s awesome. After it seems like the nominations are done I’ll go through and pick out my favorites and add them into the Hall.

Thanks in advance for your expert opinion!

META: Illness

Hello Folks, I am sorry to say that next week I might not be doing the Verses Poll or the Bad Costume post. Myself and my entire family are sick and running fevers of between 101 -102.  I know that these posts are several days away yet, however because of the fact that I have Diabetes my Immune system is not as strong as it should be and it usually takes me longer to weather illness, as it is this is my 3rd of 4th cold in the last 2 months and I feel like complete garbage right now. If by Tuesday I am feeling up to it I will see if I can throw a poll together and select a bad costume for Wednesday it all depends on how I am feeling at the time.

Five Year Blogiversary and Changes

On this date in 2007 — that’s five years ago! — I made the first post on this blog. 4,541 posts and 83,969 comments later, I can honestly say it’s been a very fun ride. I’ve had the chance to interact with some amazingly fun and creative people, I’ve seen some incredible artwork produced, the HeroMachine application has gotten some fantastic new features due to your direct feedback, and I’ve had some great belly laughs. You’re a pretty amazing group of folks. I want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who comes here and contributes their with and creativity. Thank you for being part of my life.

After taking the last week off from both writing and my regular job, however, I have decided that the mission of the blog has to change. I don’t have the energy any more with my full-time responsibilities to commit to the full weekly schedule of contests and posts. The time I spend doing all of that each day would be better spent converting over more HeroMachine items, or adding new features.

So starting today I’m instituting the following changes:

  • No more weekly scheduled posts.
  • No more weekly contests.
  • The blog will continue to exist but not as the front page of the site; it will be used for program updates, new feature announcements, feedback solicitation, and random illustration stuff. But it will be on a catch as catch can, unscheduled basis.
  • The front page will change to feature links to the various HM apps, which honestly is what the vast majority of people come here for anyway.

Of course the forums will remain open and active for anyone who wants to participate. I highly encourage you to continue the weekly contests there if you have a hankering to.

Thank you again for five great years of fun and intelligent conversation!

Vacation Open Thread 7

This is your daily open thread, talk about whatever you like, of course keeping it clean and friendly.

Vacation Open Thread 6

This is your daily open thread, talk about whatever you like, of course keeping it clean and friendly.