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Is this how Spidey paid off his school loans ?

Even the Gods like ice cream!


Superman’s first day as a proctologist!

Dare Devil truly trying to earn his title “The Man Without Fear” ?

Batman is confronted on all his Heromachine Poll Wins!

Random Panel: I’m sure they will be happy together!

Guys, you’re under water — you can just SWIM over the walls

(From “Spotlight Comics” number 2, 1945.)

Love your pets but don’t, you know, LOVE your pets…

(From “Spotlight Comics” number 1, 1944.)

Jiu-Jitsu teaches you how to disembody your leg?!

(From “Spotlight Comics” number 1, 1944.)

Wood pussy?

(From “Spotlight Comics” number 1, 1944.)