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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯142 (Water) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯141 (Fire) Winner

This weeks poll was very hotly contested, which is to be expected when you have contestants who are both literally and figuratively on fire. I was actually expecting it to be a walkover for our eventual winner, but it wasn't, he was run close for most of the week by second place and even at the end of the week all entries were covered by 25 votes, which isn't much. We've had polls where there's been 25 votes between first and second. But anyway, the flame that burned brightest in this contest was the man who I now believe has the outright highest number of wins for CDC's, Mr AMS and his amazing entry, It comes from fire. Congrats AMS and well done to everyone who entered.

141 ams-It-Comes-from-FIRE

Character Design Contest ♯141 (Fire) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯140 (Getting Emotional) Winner

Not much really to say about this weeks poll. Two people looked to be in contention for half of the week then one just pulled away, so normal practice really. However, the result did mean that we have (as far as I'm aware) a first time winner, which will make that person very happy. And that person is Geno who won for their depiction of depression, Haunted. Congrats Geno, and well done to all of our entrants, don't get too sad you didn't win.

140 Geno-Haunted (Depression)

Character Design Contest ♯140 (Getting Emotional) Poll

I will say one thing. You lot have some repressed emotional trauma or something. Only two people entered something that could be considered positive emotions, and even then they are both traits usually found in psychopaths. So, if you would please take a seat on that red couch over there and we can discuss it. Now, could you tell me about your relationship with your father...


Character Design Contest ♯139 (Colourful) Winner

Interesting result this week. Our winner was actually the one entrant I was unsure about putting on the poll and not only did they win, they dominated the poll. And it was their first entry into a contest if I'm correct. So congratulations to Tracy111 whose Blue Bell owned this weeks poll. Well done Tracy and to everyone else who entered.

139 Tracy111- Blue Belle

Character Design Contest ♯139 (Colourful) Poll

Honourable Mentions go to: Anarchangel, Cliff, RobM & Vengeance

Character Design Contest ♯138 (Am I Evil)- Winner

So, this weeks poll was all about villains right, so of course it would be greatly contested to see who would come out on top. But I never expected it to be this close. Coming into the final few hours of voting, there were ties for both 1st place and 3rd place, which, had it stayed that way, would have been both unprecedented and hilarious. But unfortunately, some voting happened and we don't have any ties on the board what-so-ever. And the person who stole away the win from under the noses of everyone (and, looking at the entry, quite possibly murdered them in the process) was AMS for his entry Johnny Crazy. Congratulations AMS and can we get someone to go and check to see if Yin, MadJack, Anarchangel and Vampyrist are alive please?


Character Design Contest ♯138 (Am I Evil?) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯137 (It’s All Greek To Me) Winner

It's interesting what people chose to depict in this weeks challenge. Most people chose to show Greek mythology, which is understandable, as it's the most well known aspect of ancient Greek life. However, only two people depicted Greek arts and culture, and through the wonders of an ancient Greek invention, democracy, it was one of those who triumphed. So congratulations to Gingersnap, whose depiction of Sappho won this weeks vote.

137 Gingersnap- Sappho