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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯68 (Angels & Demons) Winner

I have to say, whilst the Costume Design Contest we did for CDC 41 is still my favourite contest I’ve hosted, this weeks poll has got to have had the highest quality of entrants we’ve ever had for any poll, it was outstanding. And in the end it came down to 3 votes that decided who won this clash of titans. And I’m happy to announce that this weeks winner is ExtremelyEPIC for his piece War. Congrats EE, go speak to dblade about your prize, and well done to everyone who entered.

68 ExtremelyEPIC- War

Character Design Contest ♯68 (Angels And Demons) Poll

Good luck choosing here. I’m gonna go hide somewhere until it’s all over.

Character Design Contest ♯67 (Animal Themed) Winner

Once again we have managed to breach the 200 votes mark for a contest poll, which is incredible. The support shown for each of our contestants was amazing, but there can only be one winner. And that winner is Livewyre1014 for Cockroach. Congrats Livewyre, please go and see dblade about your prize, and well done to everyone who entered.

67 Livewyre1014- Cockroach

Character Design Contest ♯67 (Animal Themed) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯66 (Fashion Show 2) Winner

Another great turn out for this weeks poll. However, unlike last week, this week it was not a close finish, instead the winner had a clear 20 votes over his nearest competitor. And, I believe this is his first CDC win. So please give a big hand for Mattisagamer and his excellent Exyle. Congrats Matt, make sure you see dblade about your prize.

66 mattisagamer- Exyle

Friend of HeroMachine author Ian Thomas Healy still needs to hear from you winners so he can get your prizes to you! He says:

Related to the Jackrabbit contest from last month: Okay, the contest is closed and the trailer is finished! You can see the final product at I used pictures from Keric, Melmo44, Mr. Nobody, and RobM, but since I had so few entries, I’ll send ebooks to HerrD and Calvary_Red as well. Send me an email with your format of choice (Kindle, EPUB, or PDF) so I can send you the ebook. ian AT ianthealy DOT com.

Mr. Nobody’s picture made me laugh out loud when I saw it. Great job! You win the signed ARC. When you email me, include your mailing address. Thanks for playing, everyone!”

Character Design Contest ♯66 (Fashion Show 2) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯65 (Free For All) Winner

I  can’t believe how many votes we got for this weeks poll. The previous record for number of votes in a CDC poll was around 150. This week we got per 200 votes. And it was close, 6 votes between the winner and second place. But of course there has to be a winner. And that winner is DiCicatriz for Yrys. Congrats DiCicatriz, please make sure you talk to dblade about your prize, and well done to everyone who entered, there where some excellent entries.

65 DiCicatriz_Yrys

Character Design Contest ♯65 (Free For All) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯63 (Gadgets) Winner

The winner of this weeks poll got very lucky indeed, actually entering the contest late and getting added to the poll to round out the 5 entries needed for me to actually put the poll up. But despite this, they went and won it. So congratulations to QuantumCookies whose piece Steampunk Guitar Gun ran away with this weeks poll from the very bringing. Well done QC, please go speak to dblade about your prize, and thank you to the other 4 entrants.

63- QuantumCookies- Steampunk Guitar Gun