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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯74 (Random Name) Poll

I have to say, the quality of entries for this contest was superb, it was so hard to pick 5 for the poll. You know you’ve got a good contest when there’s people like AMS, Livewyre and Vampyrist not making the final 5.

Character Design Contest ♯73 (Post Apocalyptic) Results

I’m sure the results of this weeks poll will come as a surprise to absolutely no-one. Once again it was one of those white-wash polls where the winner got more votes than everyone else combined, and this time out I can’t say I’m surprised (not to demean the other finalists in any way). But anyway, this weeks winner was Valyndril for Post Apocalyptic Children. Congrats Valyndril, please make sure you speak to dblade about your prize, and well done to everyone who entered.

73- Valyndril- postapocalyptic-children-2

Character Design Contest ♯73 (Post Apocalyptic) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯72 (Mythological Creatures)- Winner

The winner of this weeks poll was Meniukas for Spiriukas. Congratulations Meniukas, please make sure you speak to dblade about your prize, and well done to everyone who entered.

72 Meniukas-Spiriukas

Guess who just won up to a $50 value?

The Special Character Design Contest for my friend JJ Baskin, who’s battling a recent brain cancer diagnosis, is over and it was a spectacular success. I posted each entry, one per day, to his Facebook feed and he’s really enjoyed seeing them. His sons are huge super-hero fans and getting to see their dad all decked out has helped lift all their spirits during this tough round of radiation treatment. A sincere, deep thanks to all of you who took the time to enter, each of you made a genuine difference.

Here are all the entries for your enjoyment:

I (and JJ! and his sons!) enjoyed all of these very much. But as this is a contest and there can be only one winner, and because I am a ruthless autocrat unlike the kind-hearted “mob rules” other moderators with their polls, I am going to choose the one JJ had the highest praise for. And that one is by Lime!

No slight is meant to the other awesome entrants, but JJ’s boys are actually studying Andy Warhol in school right now so in addition to being a kick-butt illustration, it was also very timely.

Lime, you’ve won your choice of:

  1. A custom color illustration by me of any one character you like (a $50 value!);
  2. A caricature of you to join the others in the Heads-Winners set; or
  3. Any one item you like to be included in HeroMachine 3.
  4. Please contact me either in the comments to this post, or via email, to claim your prize.

    Thank you again to everyone who entered!

Character Design Contest ♯72 (Mythological Creatures) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯71 (Scenery) Winner

Ok, well I predicted this one completely wrong. I thought it would be a close fight between two creations to see who would win this week, and whilst those two did have a very close fight all week, it was for second place. That is because first place was taken by ExtremelyEPIC and his piece Death Awaits. Congratulations EE, please make sure you speak to dblade about your prize, and well done to everyone else who entered, especially our other finalists, there where some truly excellent creations in this contest.

71 ExtremelyEPIC- Death-Awaits

Character Design Contest ♯71 (Scenery) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯70 (Fantasy) Winner

The winner of this weeks poll won by a fair margin, which, considering the calibre of the competition, is quite an achievement. And that winner is Candruth for Priestess. Congratulations Candruth, please make sure you speak to dblade about your prize, and well done to all our other finalists and everyone who entered.

70 Candruth- Priestess

Character Design Contest ♯70 (Fantasy) Poll