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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯126 (Contest Again) Winner

Ok, I’d be lying if I said that result wasn’t a little bit worrying. Not who won, but the amount of votes. This weeks poll only got 97 votes apparently, which is the lowest turnout for a poll since CDC63 in March last year. What’s all that about guys? Did everyone decide to take their summer vacation at the same time this week or something? Or did people just look at the poll and say “oh, this guy is gonna win, it’s so obvious, so I’m not gonna vote” (although that’s never stopped anyone before).

Either way, it doesn’t change the outcome, seeing as our winner won by a clear nearly 30 votes. And that winner is DiCicatriz for his Spear Scream character. Congrats DiCi and thanks to everyone who entered and voted.

126 DiCicatriz- Spear Scream Again

Character Design Contest ♯126 (Contest Again) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯125 (TGT) Winner

Well, we haven’t had this name mentioned in the contest winners segment for quite a while now. I suppose that’s what you get when you are more sporadic with your contest entrances. But either way, I’m surprised that it’s been over 40 contests since his last win. Anyway, this weeks winner is djuby for his Wild West Saloon Girl Hover Bot. Congrats djuby, and well done to everyone who entered.

125 djuby- Wild West Saloon Girl Hover Bot

Character Design Contest ♯125 (Two Great Tastes) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯124 (JR’s 100th) Winner

Well, that certainly was a most enjoyable contest. Everyone was on top form and all of the entries were excellent. Some were funny, some were creepy and some… no, all were plain awesome. And that just makes it even more difficult for me to decide who the winner is going to be.So, even though we have no poll this week, let’s get a run down of my top 5 shall we.

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Character Design Contest ♯123 (All Winners Squad) Winner

Definitely an interesting result for this one. It was a close poll, 8 votes between the top 3, which is always nice, but I for one certainly wasn’t expecting our eventual winner to pick up the win, considering some of the other entries. But I guess the picture explains how he pulled it off. Either that or this meme is more popular than I thought. So congratulations to CosmicComics for picking up his second win in as many weeks with his pic Aliens. And of course well done to everyone else who entered.

123 cosmiccomics_aliens

Character Design Contest ♯123 (All Winners Squad) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯122 (Secret Identities) Winner

I must say, I like how we can now hit around the 200 votes mark for these polls regularly. Back when I started we’d be luck to break 100 votes for a poll. You guys have really started coming out to support our contestants that’s for sure. I mean, this week managed to break 230 votes, which is one of the highest turnouts we’ve ever had. And it wasn’t a walk-over, although having said that, two of our contestants did run off and leave the others in the dust. But they kept fighting until the end at least, so it was interesting. Anyway, our eventual winner was in fact CosmicComics for their The Judge. Congrats CC and well done to everyone else who entered, especially those who got onto the poll.

122 CosmicComics- thejudge

Character Design Contest ♯122 (Secret Identities) Poll

Turns out Judges are like buses. You don’t see one for ages, then suddenly two turn up at once.

Character Design Contest ♯121 (Fight Club) Winner

Anyone remember the poll we had for the “Going Japanese” contest we had last year? The one where Vectorman won by a clean 80 votes? Well, this weeks winner not only equalled that score, but broke the record for biggest win margin by 5 votes. Ok, it was the obvious winner I’ll admit, but that is being a bit harsh to everyone else’s work don’t you think? But anyways, the decimator of this weeks poll was none other than RobM for his Corporate Arena. Congrats Rob and sorry to everyone who had to go up against him. ’twas a very one sided fight it seems.

121 RobM-Corporate-Arena