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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯149 (Gratulation) Winner

Not really much point in doing an honourable mentions this week is there. We only had three entries for some reason, so I'm sure the guys who don't win will be able to work out that they got second and third place. So, our winner, who wins this week for being witty and clever with the theme and creative in his item usage to do something that I can safely say I've not seen done with Heromachine before. Also, I'm a music geek, so that probably helped.

Winner: djuby- Ode To Joy

Character Design Contest ♯148 (Public Domain: Animal Themed) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Melmo44 & Yin

Winner: Vectorman316- El Lobo

Character Design Contest ♯147 (Do A Thing) Winner

Very interesting contest this one, seeing how everyone interpreted the rules and how they used the required items. However, there can only be one winner, and I'm sure everyone knows who it is. But before that, lets have a look at some honourable mentions.

Honourable Mentions: Maverick1313 & Vampyrist

Now both of these were very creative in how they used the required items, with Maverick's use of the insignia's to create the tank and Vampyrist's use of the background items to create the weapon, helmet and armour decoration for his warrior. However, the thing that held these two back from winning was that the other required items were used in the way you'd expect (Maverick using the background items for the background (obviously) and Vampyrist using the insignias as insignias). So they were good, but not quite able to compete with our winner.

Winner- djuby- Countess

It is quite safe to say that djuby won this week because his entry was unlike anything else that was entered. All of the required items are present and correct and you don't have to search them out in the picture because they're all there is to the picture. And of course, the presentation is stunning. Having the necklace set against a black background really sets the colours off and makes the shading stand out even more. So well done djuby, you take this weeks win.


Character Design Contest ♯146 (Transformations) Winner

As I'm not doing the polls anymore, we might as well get on with the business of announcing the winner of this weeks Character Design Challenge. Now, if we're being honest here, the winner of the challenge should be MadJack for his animated transformation, but unfortunately, as he'd already guessed, it wasn't technically admissible, due to not every aspect of the creation being possible to do within heromachine. So therefore I'm giving the win to the person who came closest to replicating it in a single frame. And that person in Demigod for their picture Turning To Stone. Congrats Demigod and well done to everyone who entered, even those who weren't technically allowed to be entered.

Character Design Contest ♯145 (Witches) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯144 (Earth) Winner

I'd love to say that this weeks poll wasn't a complete walk over, but that wouldn't be true. It was pretty obvious who was going to win from the start, when one of the competitors takes a 20 vote lead before anyone else has even got 1 vote. Sorry to our other poll competitors but it seems that you just couldn't keep up. Anyway, I'm sure you actually want me to announce the winner rather than yammering, so. The winner this week was none other than Fantasyman for his amazing Earth Dragon. Congratulations Fantasyman and well done to everyone else who entered.

144 FantasyMan-Earth Dragon

Character Design Contest ♯144 (Earth) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯143 (Air) Winner

Once again, quite a close contest, with only 10 votes covering the top 3 places (5 votes between each place as well, so it was nice and neat). And we managed to have the poll finish in alphabetical order, which amused me. So, given that fact, I'm sure people will be able to guess (if they remember who was on the poll) that it is Cliff who walks away with this weeks win for his character Hurricane. Congratulations Cliff and well done to everyone who entered.

143 Cliff- Hurricane

Character Design Contest ♯143 (Air) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯142 (Water) Winner

This week was quite close, only 7 votes (and seas) between the top two places. At this point I'd love to say that it was back and forth between the two all week, with the winner only pulling out ahead at the last minute, but that didn't happen. It was catch up game for everyone this week, as our winner lead from the start, never extending his lead too far but always comfortably in front. And that winner is Vampyrist for his Black Water. Congrats Vamp and well done to everyone who entered.

142 Vampyrist-Black-water