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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯132 (One Slot) Winner

Yet another low turnout for the poll to mirror the low turnout for the entries, but even so, this poll did throw up some surprises. I knew it was going to be close, but I didn’t expect our eventual second place finisher to be the one challenging for the win, considering it was the most “standard” of our entries, but there you go. I guess people must have really liked it for this one.

And the second surprise comes from the fact that, according to my records (which admittedly do only cover Hammerknights and my own contests, so there may be a Jeff run contest I don’t know about here), this is the first CDC win for our winner, which is amazing considering his Power User status. But then Herr D (who won with his piece Foggy Moonrise On Aelihoh) was never one for being conventional. So congratulations Herr D, and well done to all of our contestants.

132 HerrD-FoggyMoonriseOnAelihoh

Kaldath’s Caption Contest #70: Results

Last week I asked you all to come up with a caption for this Gif:


and here are my top five entries:


Wild Card
I got money to burn. Just like this.
Heads, I win; Tails, You die.
Want to see a magic trick… Ta da
I’ll show you “Exact change”…
When the vending machine eats your quarter and you’ve only got one left.
And your winner is ……………………………………..

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Character Design Contest ♯132 (One Slot) Poll

Sorry this is up late, had a bit of trouble getting into the admin area after the switch back to the old layout.

Character Design Contest ♯131 (All In One) Winner

Well that was a disappointing turnout for the poll. Considering the quality of the entrants, to not even get 90 votes is rubbish. I can’t even say that people saw that the winner was running away with the vote and so they didn’t vote, because he only won by 14 votes. I don’t know.

Anyway, this weeks winner, by the aforementioned number of votes and picking up his first CDC win in the process, was Skoul for his piece HeatStroke. Congrats Skoul and well done to everyone who entered.

131 Skoul- HeatStroke

Character Design Contest ♯131 (All In One) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯130 (You’re Backgrounded) Winner

Ok, I’m pretty confident there wasn’t any jiggery-pokery going on with this weeks poll. There weren’t any sudden and inexplicable jump in votes for anyone, the leader maintained their lead all week (which might be a bit boring, but I’m fine with it) and it was quite close between some of the other placings. So I’m going to postpone making any changes to the poll format for now. Hopefully last week was just a fluke.

Anyway, the winner of this weeks poll was Cliff for his Mountain Lake. Congrats Cliff and well done to everyone who entered.

130 Cliff- MountainLake

Character Design Contest ♯130 (You’re backgrounded) Poll

Now remember people, no funny business. I want a nice clean vote, ok.

Character Design Contest ♯129 (Heads Up) Winner & Public Service Announcement

This poll has been very unusual. It was led for most of the week by someone who has won both polls he’s been in this year and then basically overnight the person in second place jumps 25 votes to take a very comfortable victory. Now I’m not accusing anyone of anything (I can pretty much guarantee our winner wouldn’t have cheated and I doubt our second place finisher would do so either, considering how the poll turned out), but you have to admit that there is something fishy about the result. All I can say is, if I do find out that someone is fixing the vote on any of these CDC polls, there will be consequences. If it is a contestant, then they are going to be banned from competing for 4 contests, and if it is an outside party then the polls are going period, and I’ll just pick a winner. These contests are for fun, and people trying to skew the result in favour of one person takes away that aspect, not to mention if these contests were actually competitive, well, we all know how fixing a result is viewed in sport don’t we.

But anyway, enough of that. Let’s put the negativity aside now and get back to normal business. The winner of this weeks contest is DiCicatriz for his entry Threshold Transformation. Congrats DiCi and well done to everyone who entered.

129 DiCicatriz_Threshold_Transformation.png~original

Character Design Contest ♯127 (Heads Up) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯128 (Dressed To Impress) Winner

I can’t say I was expecting this result. Not trying to put down our winner or anything, but I thought it would be the person who came second who won. But then, my personal favourite came fifth, so what do I know. Still doesn’t change the fact that this weeks winner (and deservedly so) is Vampyrist for his Ancient Armour. Congrats Vamp, and well done to all of the people who entered.

128 Vampyrist-ancient armour