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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯136 (Winging It) Winner

Much better turn out this week than last week. Hopefully this isn't going to be come a recurring thing where we have a good week then a bad week then another good week and so on and so forth. Anyway, the winner. Now, our winner this week obviously has just bought themselves a new pair of shoes, because they quite literally walked this poll, taking 45% of the vote (also, very interestingly, this poll went in alphabetical order, which amuses me). So please join me in congratulating Anarchangel, whose pic The Raptor soared higher than all others this week.


Character Design Contest ♯136 (Winging It) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯135 (Modern Gods) Winner

Ok, so we're back to having less than 100 vote turn outs are we? Great (sarcasm). But one good thing is that this weeks poll was insanely tight. I mean, second place was 3 votes off first, with third being only one point behind second and fifth only being sixteen votes behind first. So no runaway winner this week (for most of the week it was practically a three way tie for the win, which would have been quite something). But the person who did eventually come out on top was DiCicatriz for his interpretation of Xochipilli from Aztec mythology. Congrats DiCi and well done to everyone who entered.

135 DiCicatriz_Xochipilli

Character Design Contest ♯135 (Modern Gods) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯134 (Itemised) Winner

Having a hidden result seems to still be working for the voting turn out. And this week was a blinder. Two people ran away with it from the start (and when I say ran away with it, the person who came second got 20 more votes than third, fourth and fifth combined) and eventually finished with only 3 votes separating them. And surprisingly, it wasn't the guy who created the items used in this contest that won. It was someone who, to the best of my knowledge, hasn't won a CDC before. That person being Ubiquitous Pixel, who won with his Refulgent Beetle. So congrats UP and well done to everyone who entered.

134 Ubiquitous Pixel- Refulgent Beetle

Character Design Contest ♯134 (Itemised) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯133 (Great Intelligence) Winner

Well, hiding the poll result seems to have worked. This weeks poll had almost double the votes of last weeks and the top three were separated by less than 15 votes, so it wasn't a run away victory either. I wouldn't say that it threw up any real surprises either, because the two pictures I thought would win were the top 2, all be it in reverse order of how I expected them to finish. But anyway, I'm rambling. This weeks winner was Cliff for his entry, Dr Mental. Congrats Cliff and well done to all our other entries.

133 Cliff- DrMental

Character Design Contest ♯133 (Great Intelligence) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯132 (One Slot) Winner

Yet another low turnout for the poll to mirror the low turnout for the entries, but even so, this poll did throw up some surprises. I knew it was going to be close, but I didn't expect our eventual second place finisher to be the one challenging for the win, considering it was the most "standard" of our entries, but there you go. I guess people must have really liked it for this one.

And the second surprise comes from the fact that, according to my records (which admittedly do only cover Hammerknights and my own contests, so there may be a Jeff run contest I don't know about here), this is the first CDC win for our winner, which is amazing considering his Power User status. But then Herr D (who won with his piece Foggy Moonrise On Aelihoh) was never one for being conventional. So congratulations Herr D, and well done to all of our contestants.

132 HerrD-FoggyMoonriseOnAelihoh

Kaldath’s Caption Contest #70: Results

Last week I asked you all to come up with a caption for this Gif:


and here are my top five entries:


Wild Card
I got money to burn. Just like this.
Heads, I win; Tails, You die.
Want to see a magic trick… Ta da
I’ll show you “Exact change”…
When the vending machine eats your quarter and you’ve only got one left.
And your winner is ............................................

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