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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯79 (Inspired By Music 2) Poll

I would advise people to listen to the songs that inspired these pieces when making their decision. Some of the choices make more sense when put into context.

Anarchangel’s song- Lykke Li- Love Me Like I’m Not Made Of Stone

Cliff’s song- Perfect Sunset & Midori- Secrets

Son4’s song- Prince- The Future (Remix)

Stulte’s song- Mussorgsky- Night On Bald Mountain

Vectorman’s song- The Sword- Freya

Character Design Contest ♯78 (Strike A Pose)- Winner

This weeks poll, right from the very start, was a three horse race in terms of the votes. At one point mid-week it was even a three way tie, but it eventually spaced out to finish with a ten vote margin covering the top three (that’s ten points between first and third, half the points that covered first to second last week). But only one person could come out on top. And that person was Gargantua for their entry demon. Congrats Gargantua, please go speak to dblade about your prize if you so wish, and congratulations to everyone else who entered, there were some fantastic entries.

78 Gargantua- demon

Character Design Contest ♯78 (Strike A Pose) Poll

Ok guys, so those are your winners, but there were too many awesome entries this week for me not to do an honourable mentions, so you can find them after the jump.

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Character Design Contest ♯77 (Villains) Winner

You know how last weeks poll was really close? Well this one wasn’t. The winner won by a clear 20 votes. And you know the best thing, he actually said that he was sure AMS was going to win. Dude, have some confidence ;). Anyway, this weeks winner was Anarchangel for Nightstalker & Entropy. Congrats dude, you probably know the drill by now, go talk to dblade etc. and well done to everyone who entered.

77 Anarchangel-Nightstalker & Entropy

Character Design Contest ♯77 (Villains) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯76 (TGT- Sci-fi) Winner

Now, when entries first started coming in for this CDC, I thought it would be the normal fare for the poll, one person runs away with the prize. However, as more and more entries started to come in, I began to think “ok, this one is going to be close”. And so it turned out to be. The five finalists where separated by 12 votes, that’s 12 votes between places 1 and 5 (to put that in perspective, the previous weeks poll had 12 votes between positions 1 and 2). And if that wasn’t enough positions 1 and 2 were separated by 1 vote. Yes, 1 vote. I sorta half wanted to give a vote to second place so we could have a tie, but the poll had closed by the time I got round to writing this and, anyway, that woulda been unfair on the winner, because he thoroughly deserved this win.  And that winner would be CantDraw for his Sci-Fi Angel. Congrats CD, that’d be your 3rd win I believe, please make sure you speak to dblade about your prize. And a hearty congratulations to everyone who entered, especially our finalists, the fact the poll was so close is testament to your creativity and talent.

76 CantDraw-SciFiAngel

Character Design Contest ♯76 (TGT- Sci-Fi) Poll

Note: I don’t know if people know this, but if you right click on the pictures in the poll you can open them in full in a new tab. I’d especially advise doing that this week, as the thumbnails don’t really do some of these pictures justice.

Character Design Contest ♯75 (Indelible)- Winner

The winner of this weeks contest also won the contest two weeks ago, although hopefully this time there will be less complaining about her win. So congratulations to Valyndril and her winning piece, Indelible Taint. Please make sure you speak to dblade about your prize Val, and well done to everyone else who entered.

75 Valyndril-Indelible-Taint

Character Design Contest ♯75 Poll

Character Design Contest ♯74 (Random Name) Winner

The winner of this weeks poll was Melmo44 for Dark Titan. Congrats Melmo, please speak to dblade about your prize, and well done to everyone who entered, especially the other 4 finalists.

74 Melmo44-Dark-Titan