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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯91 (7 Deadly Sins) Winner

I can honestly say I’m completely unsurprised by the result of this weeks poll. As I’ve said before, there are just some times when you can tell which entry is going to win and this was one of those times. It probably helped that our winner was the only person brave enough to try out not only doing all 7 sins in one picture, but making them abstracts as well. So I’m happy to say that our winner is Stulte for his The Seven. Congrats man, that’d be your second I believe, and well done to everyone else who entered.

91 Stulte- The Seven

Character Design Contest ♯91 (7 Deadly Sins) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯90 (Insect Themed) Winner

This weeks poll was a two horse race right from the start, with two of our entrants running away with 70% of the votes. But even though it was close between them for most of the week, there can only be one winner. And that winner is Skybandit for his Stinging Mantis. Congrats Sky, your first win in a while I believe, and thanks to everyone else who entered.

90 Skybandit- Stinging Mantis

Character Design Contest ♯90 (Insect Themed) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯89 (Everyday Heroes) Winner

This weeks poll ended nice and close, only two votes between our top two, who had been trading places all week. But I guess homaging certain iconic images does pay off, because this weeks winner is BabyVroomVroom for their character Gust. Congrats BVV and well done to everyone else who entered.

89 BabyVroomVroom- Gust

Character Design Contest ♯89 (Everyday Superheroes) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯88 (Sports TGT)- Winner

I don’t really want to call this weeks poll a walk over, but when the winner has 67 more votes than the person in second place it’s hard to think of what else to call it. And our winner (the person doing said walking all over the poll) is Vectorman316 for his piece The Only Sport On Sanctum. Congrats Vectorman, and well done to our other finalists (whom the vote margin did not do justice) and everyone else who entered.

88 vectorman316- the_only_sport_on_sanctum

Character Design Contest ♯88 (Sports TGT)- Poll

Note: Kaldath, I noticed that last weeks poll hasn’t yet closed. Do you think you could close it for us, so as to avoid any confusion. Thanks.

Character Design Contest ♯87 (Time Travel)- Winner

The winner of this weeks poll is Yautja for their Miss Time. Congratulations Yautja, I’m gonna assume dblade will comment down below as to how you can claim your prize with the forums being down, and well done to everyone who entered.

87 Yautja- Miss Time

Character Design Contest ♯87- Time Travel Poll