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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Challenge #168 (Inhuman) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Xinmodic- Underground Beast & Superfly30- Reaver


Winner: djuby- Bladewalker

Character Design Challenge #167 (Shakespeare) Winner

I know I don't usually say anything in these anymore, but I have to acknowledge the quality of the entries for this weeks contest. There were at least 5 that could have won the contest and a couple more that could have been honourable mentions. However, there can only be one winner. So here are the four others that could have won (to save space I'll put links to their entries in each persons name).

Honourable Mentions: Brons, Superfly30, Candruth, djuby

Winner: Cliff- Puck

Character Design Challenge #166 (The World Is Mine) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Brons- Dictator & Hawk007- Dragon Hunter

Winner: Xinmodic- World Conquering Army

Character Design Challenge #165 (Spooky, Scary) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Lime- Whispers & Hawk007- Wanna Play

Winner: James- Ickbar Bigelsteine


Character Design Challenge #164 (Parts List) Winner

Honourable Mentions: HerrD- Harvest Time & Synnburn- Deepsea Invasion

Winner: Superfly30- Robot Uprising

Character Design Challenge #163- Armour Wars – Winner

Honorable Mention: melmo44 - Veteran Of Many battles, & AMS Space Armor Mar


Winner: Fado41 Dreikhskul Armor


Character Design Challenge ♯162 (Dressed To Impress) Winner

Honourable Mentions: KEric- Corset & SprocketSauce- Silent Empress

Winner: Hawk007- Aguar

Character Design Challenge ♯161 (Alien(n)ation) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Rise- Priest And Warrior & Vectorman316- Tajkei of Mars

Winner: Superfly30- Alien Gothic

Character Design Challenge ♯160 (Here Comes The Money) Winner

As there were only 4 entries into this weeks contest, I'm not going to do an Honourable Mentions bit, because then one person just gets left out and that doesn't seem right, so let's just get on and say who the winner is.

Winner: RobM- Coins Of The Realm

Character Design Challenge ♯159 (Redesign) Winner

Ok guys, this week I'm actually struggling to pick a top 3. I've managed to get it down to a top 5, which was hard enough, so I'll do this Jeff style and run down my top 5 from this week and then announce the winner at the end.

The pictures will be in order of Original then Redesign for each person.

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