Character Design Challenge #167 (Shakespeare) Winner

I know I don't usually say anything in these anymore, but I have to acknowledge the quality of the entries for this weeks contest. There were at least 5 that could have won the contest and a couple more that could have been honourable mentions. However, there can only be one winner. So here are the four others that could have won (to save space I'll put links to their entries in each persons name).

Honourable Mentions: Brons, Superfly30, Candruth, djuby

Winner: Cliff- Puck

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7 Responses to Character Design Challenge #167 (Shakespeare) Winner

  1. Herr D says:

    Cliff REALLY gave a Puck! Good works, all.

  2. Dreadyacht says:

    Herr D:
    Cliff REALLY gave a Puck! Good works, all.

    Nice pun. It was rather PUNny. Now for PUNthing else…

  3. djuby says:

    Thanks for the nod JR and congrats to Cliff.

  4. cliff says:

    Wjat a nice way to start Beltain/May Day off! >}:^{D>

    Thanks JR! with so many good works of art, It really means something.

    @ Herr D and Dreadyaught AUGH!!! The PUNishment! AAaaaarrrrggg!

    @ Djuby. Dewd when I saw Mustardseed I was sure you had the contest. really great work.

    LOTs of good work in this contest. Well done everyone.

    have a Blessed Day.

  5. Candruth says:

    Oh man, that face is great. I’m still trying to figure out how that torso goes together.

  6. cliff says:

    Thanks a lot coming from you that is indeed high praise.. the body, its in Companion Humanoids. the Tarzan looking guy then I just build a face from scratch over his, had to use the shaggy male hair and color it the same as the exposed Tarzan hair.
    the entire thing is in the Portrait zoom view, so I did not use the hand holding the knife and didn’t have to camouflage it out, just position it where it didn’t show.
    Hope that helps.

  7. jack linberg says:

    weird but awesome stuff bro awesome stuff