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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯112 (Be A Pal-adin) Poll

Mod Note Please Read:

Now, before anyone votes I would like to make this clear, yes it does say Paladin in the contest title, but this contest is about designing the best character in any of the Fantasy RPG fighter/ warrior class staples, so knights, paladins, barbarians etc. So you don’t have to worry about “is this really a Paladin or not?” just vote for your favourite… if you can choose that is.

Character Design Contest ♯111 (A-Mage-ing) Winner

I have to say, the quality of the entries for this contest was superb (and the same also applies to the current contest, but that’s off topic) and the poll just proves it. It wasn’t a run away contest, it was closer between the top 3 than in some contests  gold and silver medal positions, but the winner still won by a decent margin (13 points I believe). And that winner is Blunt Object for his Tempest. Congrats  Blunt Object and well done to everyone else who entered, as I said, the quality in this contest was amazing.

111 Blunt Object- Tempest

Character Design Contest ♯111 (A-Mage-ing) Poll

This contest certainly lived up to its name. There could have been a completely different poll. Honourable mentions go to: Roseweave, ASubtleDagger, Meniukas (for his Zaria entry), Lef & Legatus, all of whom could have made it on to this poll.

Character Design Contest ♯110 (Robots) Winner

I do like it when we have a close contest. It’s so much nicer than just having the winner run away with almost half the vote  . This weeks winner only won by 6 votes over second place (to put this into perspective, last weeks winner got 55 votes more than second place, whilst this weeks winner didn’t even get 55 votes more than fifth, although there were 22 more votes overall in last weeks contest). But still, a win is a win and it doesn’t matter how close or distant the race was. ANd this weeks winner is Achilles228 for their Gauge. Congrats Achilles and well done to everyone else who entered.

110 achillies228-gauge

Character Design Contest ♯110 (Mech Me Some Robots) Poll

Honourable mentions have to go to Lef and BluntObject, who very very nearly made it onto this poll.

Character Design Contest ♯109 (Aquatic)- Winner

This weeks contest got exactly 200 votes, which pleases me, because it makes figuring out the percentages so much easier (even though poll daddy does that for me, but if I did it myself it’d be easier, but anyway). And our winner managed to garner 90 of those votes (which is 45% of the votes) to take a comfortable, and yet again runaway, victory. And that person was, predictably, AMS for his Waterdragon. Congrats AMS, that makes you our first repeat winner this year, and well done to everyone who entered.



Character Design Contest ♯109 (Aquatic) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯108 (Be Romantic) Results

Usually these polls fall into one of two categories. Either they’re close, with the winner being within 10 votes of second place, or the winner runs away with it. This week wasn’t close, but it wasn’t exactly a run away victory either. But in the end I guess that wouldn’t really matter to Nug whose Ace Of Hearts won this contest. Congrats Nug and well done to everyone who entered.

108 Nug- AceofHearts

Character Design Contest ♯108 (Be Romantic) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯107 (Vehicles) Winner

The turn out for this weeks poll wasn’t exactly the highest we’ve ever had. In fact it’s the lowest since last July. However, despite this, one person did manage to accrue nearly 50% of the vote and get almost twice the number of votes as his nearest competition. And that person was Stulte for his Daidalos Yacht. Congrats Stulte and thanks to all of you who entered.

107 Stulte- Daidalos-Yacht