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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Challenge ♯160 (Here Comes The Money) Winner

As there were only 4 entries into this weeks contest, I'm not going to do an Honourable Mentions bit, because then one person just gets left out and that doesn't seem right, so let's just get on and say who the winner is.

Winner: RobM- Coins Of The Realm

Character Design Challenge ♯159 (Redesign) Winner

Ok guys, this week I'm actually struggling to pick a top 3. I've managed to get it down to a top 5, which was hard enough, so I'll do this Jeff style and run down my top 5 from this week and then announce the winner at the end.

The pictures will be in order of Original then Redesign for each person.

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Character Design Challenge ♯158 (Power Up) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Superfly30- Decay & Rise- Atoman

Winner: Vampyrist- Chesire

Character Design Challenge ♯157 (Pre-pair to Pose) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Rise- Johnny Davis and Verginia Haze 2 & Melmo44- Family

Winner: Herr D- The Night Tessla Discovered Razor Wire

Character Design Challenge ♯156 (Maps) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Hawk007- The Realm Of Rothran & Superfly30- Space Exploration

Winner: HermanSmellville- Space Map

Character Design Challenge ♯155 (Tattoos) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Superfly30- Amun-Apep & Sebastien Bembeneck- Ink Queen

Winner: Melmo44- Sareene

Character Design Challenge ♯154 (On TV) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Cliff- American Eagle & Brons- Miss Pringles Watches Her Favourite Show

Winner: Melmo44- The Show Must Go On

Character Design Challenge ♯153 (Buildings) Winner

Honourable Mentions: HerrD- Water Reclamation Station, Cliff- Philanders Bardic College

Winner: Stulte- University Of Kar Sharyk

Character Design Challenge ♯152 (Going Greyscale) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Cliff- Greyscale Model & Superfly30- Frontier Sunset

Winner: Tango- Fly For Love

152 Tango- Fly For Love

Character Design Challenge ♯151 (Get In Shape) Winner

Honourable Mentions

Cliff- Get In Shape & Brons- Xoyotec

Winner: Vampyrist- Shapes Shonen